YOWhatsApp 8.0 APK Latest Version Download – (Anti BAN) 2019

YOWhatsApp is the latest WhatsApp Mod with extended functions and features than the normal WhatsApp. We shared a lot of WhatsApp Mod including GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. Today in this article you will find How you can download YOWhatsApp Apk Latest Version and Install it on your Android Device running any version of Android. In this article, you can download and install the updated version of YoWhatsApp 8.00 easily.

YOWhatsApp is almost similar to any other WhatsApp mod available on the Internet. As the main purpose of WhatsApp mod is, Yo WhatsApp also helps us in getting extra loads of features in WhatsApp which makes WhatsApp, even more, user-friendly and privacy secure app.

Note – The latest version of YoWhatsApp is a No Ban edition and that means you won’t get banned again if you use the latest version from the link below.

YOWhatsApp APK

If you are looking forward to downloading the latest apk file of YoWhatsApp, then, my friend, you are in the right place. The latest version of YOWhatsApp 8.0 has been released and the download links in the article have been updated to the newer version. If you are already having this mod app installed then simply upgrade to the latest version by downloading the latest version from below given download button.

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As we all know, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app right there for both Android and iPhone. It is really hard to find a device which is not having WhatsApp application installed in it and this itself shows how popular this instant messaging app is. Every App will have any kind of missing feature for sure. In the same fashion, WhatsApp lacks a lot of good features, too. This is where WhatsApp Mods comes into play. These modified versions of WhatsApp helps users to get extra features like more privacy, customization, DND, and a lot more features that we will be discussing right below.

YOWhatsApp Apk Latest Version – Download (Version 7.99)

Before getting into the downloading and Installation procedure lets just have a sneak peek into some info about the App itself.

App Name YOWhatsApp Mod
Version 8.00
Last Updated 08 September  2019
Developer Yousef Al-Basha
Installs 1 Million +
App Size <40MB
Requires Android 4 or above
Root Access Not required


  Download YOWhatsApp 8.0

(Use the above Download button to download and save the latest version of YOWhatsApp into your device. It will take you to the next page where you will find the link where the file is hosted and also all the older versions links as well.)

   YOWhatsApp Version 7.81

What’s Special in YOWhatsApp 8.00?

There are a lot of features that make YOWhatsApp so famous and useful to its users. Let’s see some of them.

  • ANTI BAN Mod
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Anti Delete Message
  • Hide View Status
  • Change the font style of individual module
  • Multi-Language support
  • Call/Phone blocker
  • Change Wallpaper for Chat Dashboard
  • Changed App logo
  • DND
  • Blue Tick tricks
  • Newly Added Unicode 9 based Emojis
  • Latest WhatsApp base
  • Upload files of larger file size without any hassle. (Send large videos)
  • See status under profile
  • Group Messages counter
  • Always Online feature
  • Hide Online trick
  • Change Contact name color
  • Status up to 255 characters
  • Newly added design
  • Flat icon styled design
  • Compact installer with an option to restore chat from Official WhatsApp
  • No Ban issue
  • Fullest of Privacy mods
  • Transitions
  • Hide Chat
  • Hide media including Images and Videos
  • Read status right from the chat
  • Audio/Video Call Privacy
  • Minor Bugs fixed

That’s a lot much of feature, right? The upcoming version of YOWhatsApp 8.0 comes with even more features that will make the WhatsApp chatting experience even more better.

Features of YOWhatsApp 2019

Here are some among the most highlighted features that make YOWA so futuristic and a good WhatsApp mod.

Extensive Themes Library

yowhatsapp themes

One of the main reasons why people opt to go with WhatsApp is the unique ability to customize the layout and interface according to user’s taste. Here, YOWA is no different. The vast Themes library that is available in YOWhatsApp makes it easy for anyone to customize the entire look and feel and WhatsApp. You can even get the exact iOS styled WhatsApp on Android with Yowhatsapp apk.

Freeze Last Seen

freeze last seen yowhatsapp

Freeze last seen is another interesting option available in YOWhatsApp that lets you be online even when showing the status as Offline. That means you will able to use WhatsApp without letting your contacts know that you are online. This is one among the most anticipated feature of all time and hopes WhatsApp brings it to the official version soon. Download yo whatsapp latest version to get access to this feature

Gesture Controls

gesture controls yowhatsapp

In the latest version of yowa, you get gesture control. Yes, you heard it right. YOWhatsApp has various gesture controls that make the usage of the app little more simple. Let’s say that you are on a conversation screen, then you easily go to the homepage simply by swiping to the left and so on. A really great and good idea though.

How To Install YOWhatsApp v8.00 For Android

Follow the step by step guide given below to install YoWhatsApp APk on your Android device.

  • Firstly, Download the latest version of WhatsApp mod from the link given above. You can either download the latest version or if you wish you can download the offer versions as well.
  • Once downloaded, Tap on the APK Installer file
  • Now, the actual installation part starts, Tap on the Install button
Download yowhatsapp

Install YOWhatsApp

  • Wait until the app gets installed on your device

installing YoWhatApp

  • Once installed, Tap on the Open button to launch the App and we will further proceed with WhatsApp Account creation steps.

Install Yowhatsapp

  • Now, you have two options to go with, the first one is to start a fresh new account from scratch for restoring your existing account. You can choose any one of them. For this article, I will be creating one from scratch. Tap on Agree and Continue to create new WhatsApp account. – You can use USA Number to create WhatsApp Account
YOWhatsApp App

Download Yo WhatsApp Latest Version

  • Select your country code and enter your Mobile Number and tap next. You will get a popup asking to verify the correctness of the number you entered.

Enter Mobile Number YOWhatsApp APK

  • Enter the Verification code in the field provided OR verify it using the Automatic OTP Verification method.
  • Set a DP and type in your Account Name
  • You have successfully created your fresh new YOWhatsApp account.

From the top-left corner click on the three dots and then tap on “YoMods” option to launch the YoWhatsApp Mod Settings Panel.

YoMods YoWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp 8.00

How to Change WhatsApp font?

You can easily change the font of your choice in WhatsApp with YoWhatsApp. For that, all you want to do is just go to YoSettings > Style and Feel > From the Font Family section select a font of your choice. Then apply and restart YoWhatsApp to get the new look. As simple as that to change the font in WhatsApp.


All bug that appeared in version 8.0 is now fixed with the new 8.00 update

Version 7.10

• [Base Update] 2.18.293
• [Exclusive] Know which new messages are deleted in chat (🚫)!
Note: Anti-Delete must be activated (YoMods > Privacy > Anti-Delete messages)
• [Enabled] Swipe to reply!
• [Enabled] Group calls
• [Enabled] Forwarded messages label
• [Enabled] PiP – Watch YouTube videos without leaving Whatsapp!
• [Added] Increase Delete For Everyone limit 10x (11 hrs)
• [Added] Increased Forward select limit (for Indian users)
• [Added] Increased Multicast to 100
• [Added] Voice note bar color (Option 3.1.28)
• [Added] Voice note play button color (Option 3.1.29)
• [Added] Support for themes with Home wallpaper in YoThemes Store
• [Added] “Forwarded” tag automatically takes color
• [Fixed] Per chat wallpaper (Option 3.3.0)
• [Fixed] Proximity Sensor Option (5.0.4)
• [Fixed] Call a number empty number crash
• [Fixed] Elapsed time
• [Improved] Lock Screen orientation (Portrait only)
• [Improved] Moved the Copy button instead of translate
• [Temporary] Disabled pic outside for Audio messages
• [Removed] Amiri Font
• [] Other reported bugs

Version 7.60

[Base Update] 2.18.203
• [Added] Hide Chat – Hike style
• [Added] Hide chat options: Notifications, Sound, Shake WhatsApp name
• [Added] Hide chat change Fingerprint/PIN/Pattern option
• [Added] New Facebook emojis
• [Enabled] “Mark as Read” from notification
• [Enabled] “Select all” option chats in Home screen
• [Enabled] Specific Media Visibility for Groups! Option to choose to show a group media in the gallery or hide it.
• [Enabled] Save chats to a file! (Chat Menu > More > export chat)
• [Added] All names in home/status/calls now take the same color
• [Added] 4 new entries (thanks RC)
• [Added] 3 new bubbles (thanks RC)
• [Added] 5-minutes increase status instead of 45 seconds limit (Option 1.3.11)
• [Improved] Russian, Arabic, Turkish Translation
• [Improved] Pics Outside Chat bubbles
• [Fixed] Status Download button disappears under navbar
• [Fixed] Download Text status copies incorrect status
• [Fixed] Dribble and DribbleV2 entries text go behind send icon
• [Fixed] Contact name does not take system font
• [] Other bug fixes and improvements

Newly Added Exclusive Features to YOWhatsApp 8.00

  • Anti Delete- No one can delete messages for you
  • Improved Privacy Options
  • Send Messages to a Particular number without saving it to your contact list
  • Delete Messages anytime – No limit for YOWA APK Users
  • Change contact color of Chats
  • Disable Calls for a particular Contact
  • Increase GIF to 30 seconds
  • Improved YOThemes library
  • Freeze Status Time
  • Based on WhatsApp Base 2.17.395 – Play Store

Get iOS Styled WhatsApp on Android

Download both the RCYOWA and iOS themes files from below and follow the tutorial mentioned in the video to get exact same iOS WhatsApp theme on Android.

   RCYOWA    iOS WhatsApp Theme File

Custom YOWhatsApp Themes Library

YOWhatsApp is having a large library of different 3000+ unique Themes that you can apply to your WhatsApp App. This app is having a special section called “YOThemes” where you will find a list of some good looking themes that you can download and apply for no cost.

To install and set up a new theme for YOWhatsApp,

  • Open YOWhatsApp
  • Tap on the three dots icon
  • Tap on “YoMods”
  • Now, click on “YoThemes”
  • Then tap on “Download YoThemes”


  • Now, a library of 3000+ themes will appear, scroll down and find one of your choices.
  • Click on the Apply button
  • Wait for some time and theme will get installed on your device soon.

Here is the list of permissions that you must grant to YoWA for smooth functioning of the app.

YOWA Permissions List



Send SMS

Access Storage

Internet Access

Access Camera

Access Background Tasks

Record Audio

Location Access

Access Wifi

Access Bluetooth

Access Mic

FAQ on YowhatsApp for Android

Here are some frequently asked questions about the latest YOWA mod.

  • Is the new version of YoWhatsApp Ban Proof?

Yes. Recently, WhatsApp started banning all user’s account who is using a modded version of WhatsApp. A lot of people suffered from a temporary ban ranging from 20 minutes to as long as 24 hours. The developer came to know about this problem and has fixed the issue with the latest version. So, now onwards, your account won’t get banned for using this particular WhatsApp mod. And other WhatsApp mod devs are working hard to fix the problem and latest Anti-Ban version will be out soon.

  • How can I update YoWhatsApp new version?

You can visit this page itself to get the latest installer file for yowhatsapp. Whenever a new version of this WhatsApp mod gets released, we will update the article with the latest download link, changelogs, and info on the newer version. And also if we find any sort of issues with the ongoing version we will mention the same here as well.

  • Is it available for iPhone – iOS?

As of now, it is not available for iOS devices. iPhone does not allow the installation of apps other than from the Apple AppStore and there is no way a WhatsApp mod can be uploaded to the App Store. Apple is really good maintaining it’s security and in this way, YOWA is not available for any iOS devices and I don’t think the same will happen anytime soon. So, if you are having an iOS Device, bad luck.

  • Do I need to uninstall official WhatsApp to install YoWhatsApp?

No, you are not required to uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device in order to install this mod. YOWHATSAPP has the ability to install and use Dual WhatsApp and this way you can use multiple WhatsApp account on your device alongside official WhatsApp.

Final Words

Before concluding the article, I would like to thank Yousef for making such an awesome app for us. This app has got a hell lot of features that WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp lacks. Time freezing feature is one of the incredibly great features that you cannot find on any other WhatsApp mod application. Maybe in the future, they might incorporate it to other Mods as well.

For now, this is all for the Download YOWhatsApp APK article. I have shared a link to download the latest version of YOWhatsApp as well as Older versions. For any reason, if you want to rollback to the older versions then using these links will really help you in doing so. Be sure to share your thoughts about YoWhatsApp right below in the comment section.

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