Znaplink Review: The Best Linktree Alternative?

Znaplink is a must have tool if you are active on social media platforms like Instagram. As you might already know, Instagram does not allow us to post links along with the post and the only place where we can hook our link is in the bio.

No one likes to make the bio section messy by adding multiple disorganized links. Meet Znaplink, a cool way to organize, share and manage links to various social media handles and web assets in a centralized manner.

znaplink review

Znaplink is the number one Linktree alternative that helps you efficiently manage multiple links from a single place.

With the help of Znaplink, you can create a single link and share it in your bio section. This link will in turn have a number of other links that you can customize and add.

Let’s say that you want to share multiple links on your social media bio section. Some social media platforms do not allow their users to add multiple links while on others, it might look disorganized and cluttered. This is where Znaplink comes into the scene.

You can easily create a single link and share it anywhere. You can fully customize the link and add as many new links to the page. In fact, as per the Znaplink team, the Znaplink link will help you to increase your clicks by 150%, which is insane.

Now that you know what is Znaplink and how it works, let’s just take a look at some features that Znaplink has to offer

  • Create unlimited pages and with any number of links of your choice
  • Advanced analytics to track clicks and other important metrics. You also have the option to connect to Google Analytics as well.
  • Ability to connect to a custom domain. You can connect your domain name to Znaplink and customize the link further.
  • Ability to collect emails and send newsletters in a few clicks.
  • Easily manage all your links from a single dashboard
  • Share your latest content automatically
  • Wide variety of themes to choose from or build a custom theme on your own
  • The free version will allow you to create unlimited pages with unlimited links.

Now comes the important question of all, how to set up Znaplink.

Follow the guide given below to create your own Znaplink link, add links and customize it as well.

Step 1: First of all, head over to Znaplink.com and click on the Get Started button.

znaplink sign up

Sign up for a new account or log in using Google.

Step 2: Once logged in, at first, it will ask you to enter your link. Just enter a Znap Link of your choice.

enter link name

Step 3: Next, you need to enter your social media handle usernames. You can give your Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and Twitter usernames here.

enter your social media handle usernames

Step 4: Select a profile picture, profile name and a profile bio as well. Once done, click on the Next button to continue.

create profile

Step 5: Select a theme of your choice.

Select a theme

Step 6: Select the category that best describes your niche.

Select the category

Your Znaplink page is ready and is live.

znaplink page

Upon visiting the link, you can view your custom Znaplink page.

znaplink page

Head over to the Links section to add new links/blocks and edit the existing ones.

edit links

Click on the Add Link button to add new links and other information.

You can go to the Settings section and further edit things like the Theme, name, links, mailing list integration, connect a custom domain, etc.


Finally, to find information and other key metrics about your link visitors, just click on the Statistics option from the top bar.


It will load all the information about your visitors like the pageviews, referers, countries, devices, browsers, languages and more.

Znaplink is absolutely free to use and the free plan lets you create unlimited pages with unlimited links. However, Znaplink also comes with a premium plan with much more features and options including custom domain support, the ability to remove branding, etc.

Znaplink Free

  • Unlimited pages and unlimited links
  • Customization options
  • Access to statistics
  • And all other basic features.

Znaplink Pro

  • Custom domain
  • Remove Znaplink branding
  • Verified badge
  • Custome themes
  • Autopilot YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter widget
  • Send unlimited emails

Znaplink Pro Pricing- $10/month or one-time deal from $59 on AppSumo

You have two options to upgrade to Znaplink Pro.

The first one is to click on the Upgrade button from your dashboard and proceed with the up-gradation process.

znaplink pricing

The second method is to grab the Znaplink AppSumo lifetime deal for flat $59 onwards.

znaplink appsumo pricing

There are multiple AppSumo plans. Select one according to your preferences to avoid a monthly recurring subscription.

Wrapping up

Znaplink is a really useful online tool for creators, influencers or any social media users to handle all social media and website links in a clutter-free way. The free version of Znaplink itself is more than enough for a good number of people. If you want access to pro features like the ability to connect to a custom domain or use custom themes, then you may upgrade to Znaplink Pro.

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