ZohoMail Create a Business Email on your Domain Name

Few years back my excellent choice for business Email was Google Apps, But now Google has made this free option into a Premium one Thus you should pay to get Business Email like [email protected] So if this is your case this Tutorial is going to help you a lot

Today we are using the help of a third party website named ZohoMail

Why to Have a Business Email

  • Fast Adsense approval 
  • More site reputation
  • Blog branding
  • etc.,
So I’m going to show you this tutorial in a Follow step by step
Let’s Start
1.Sign up process is just simple as creating a normal social media account.To get started first go to Free ZohoMail Registration page
2.Enter your Domain name
2.Now on next page enter your basic details like Name, Password, But do remember we should give our domain name along with the mail name followed by @[at]

Type the security Captcha and click sign up

Now you have created a free zohomail Account, On next page you will see he confirmation details
The very next step is to verify the ownership of your Domain

Verify Your Domain

Click on proceed to verify the ownership of domain  Then you will be taken to the Domain verification page.Here you have mainly 3 types of Domain Verification options some are : HTML file Upload,TXT and CNAME
You can opt any of the following method to verify the Ownership of your Domain.If you are trying to get verified using HTML File Upload method then you can connect to your Server by any kind of File Transfer Protocol(FTP) you can also use FileZilla, Upload it your root directory and then proceed to verify. Now if you are using CNAME or TXT method, Go to DNS Management options of your Domain and add any of the record and simply click Save

Add MX Record to Complete the Process

One of the important process to complete the installation process is to add 2 MX record.To add MX record. In my case my website is hosted at GoDaddy.co so all i want to do is to Go to Options > Manage DNS Options > Now add the 2 MX record with the details given by Zoho on your Domain
Add MX record on Hostgator

Once you have added MX Records then finish the process and you will be taken to ZohoMail  Cpnael Cpanel is very good easy to use and over all Too Good Interface
As Google has stop free Google Mail apps features I research and finded the best Free alternate to Google Apps and that is Zoho Mail
Other than Mail service Zoho also provides us many other services like Newletter Subscription, Survey, Form, CRM and many more
Do remember all services in Zoho have a Free Plan

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