Zomato Introduced Gold Support Fund to Help Restaurant Workers Affected by COVID-19 Lockdown

zomato gold support program

Food delivery and Restaurants chains are highly affected by the 21 days of lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. To help the restaurant workers who are affected by the ongoing crisis, Zomato launched a program called ‘Zomato Gold Support’. All the revenue that comes from this particular initiative will be handed over to servers, restaurant workers, etc who are in need.

As the majority of the restaurants are either completely closed or working with limited number of manpower, retail food delivery services like Zomato are most affected. Restaurants are by far one of the most affected business and Zomato’s new initiative helps those affected by contributing them some money through the Zomato Gold Support fund.

In an official blog post, Company said, “Zomato is built around — and is an integral part of — this very hospitality ecosystem, connecting millions of consumers with passionate restaurateurs every day. In times like these, companies like ours need to step up and do our best to power the ecosystem through this unprecedented environment.”

The new initiative by Zomato is definitely going to help all the restaurant workers out there. Furthermore, you and I as a Zomato user also gets benefited from this program. By contributing to this program you get 2 years of Zomato Gold subscription and the amount you spent will be used to help people in need. So it’s a win-win for both parties.

How to Contribute to Zomato Support Fund?

Anyone who would like to support restaurant workers by contributing can open the app and tap on the Zomato Gold Support Membership banner. It will give you not one but two years of Zomato Gold subscription. It will be really helpful for anyone who uses Zomato a lot on a daily or weekly basis.

contribute to zomato gold support

You can complete the payment and everything is done. The Annual Gold Membership is priced at Rs. 1200 and you get 2 years of Zomato Gold services.

Source: Zomato Blog

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