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IPEE World – uses resources all around from the web. Certain Images and Videos Resources are taken from other Free Resource sharing Websites by giving legal Credit. IPEE World uses Stock Resources from the below given Websites and Services.


Stock Images:

We use a lot of Stock Images on our blog for making content more interactive and multimedia rich. As part of it, we use Images from legal sources with necessary rights.

We use Stock Photos from:



We use Icons for creating Featured Post Image, Illustration and Infographics.

We use Icons from:



We do add Videos to our Article to make it easier for visitors to understand the Content better.

We Use Videos from:

  • Embed Videos from our Official YouTube Channel.
  • And other YouTube Channels.

These are the stock resource websites and services we use to find stock resources for our website. If you need any more information on this, Feel free to Contact Us.