How to Convert Facebook Profile into Page & Get 5,000 Likes

Convert Facebook Profile To Page

Did you know you can convert your Facebook profile into a page? And best of all, get 5,000 likes upon converting your Facebook profile into a page.

Let’s say you have 5,000 friends on your Facebook profile. After converting the profile into a page, these 5,000 friends will appear as 5,000 likes on your newly created page. How cool is that?

Follow the steps below to learn how to convert your Facebook profile to a page in less than two minutes.

Why Convert Facebook Profile Into A Page?

You want to convert your Facebook profile into a page for several reasons.

As you already know, Facebook only allows you to add a maximum of 5,000 friends. After adding 5,000 friends, people can no longer send you a friend request, they can only follow you. Following a profile is similar to liking a page.

Many people want to convert their profile to page after adding 5,000 friends.

Many people convert profiles into a page just as to get 5,000 likes.

What’s more interesting is that your profile stays even after converting it into a page. In simple terms, after the conversion, you have a Facebook page with 5,000 likes and your old account.

How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Page Likes?

To convert your Facebook profile into a page, you must visit the ‘Create and Manage a Page’ section and select your profile. Enter the page info and review the choices. Once done, click the ‘Publish page when done’ button, and you have successfully turned your FB profile into a page.

Converting a Facebook profile into a page for likes takes less than two minutes. Since you have already entered all your details on the profile, converting it to a page is hassle-free.

First, Login to your Facebook Account

Change the name of the account if necessary. The name of the existing account will be the name of the new Facebook page.

Go to this Page and read all information regarding converting your personal account to a page.

Once you have read everything, Go to this Page (Migration Page)

Now click on the Get Started button to start the migration process.

Convert facebook account into page

Now select the category of your page and enter the password for confirmation.

Now, your Facebook page is ready to use. You can log in to your account anytime by visiting or through the app.

What Happens After Converting Facebook Profile To Page?

Now that you have converted your Facebook profile into a page, you might wonder what exactly happened and will your friends know about the process.

Below is everything that happens after converting your Facebook profile into a new page.

  • All your Facebook friends will turn to people who liked the new page
  • All your friends will be notified that they liked your new page
  • Your profile’s profile picture will be the new profile picture of the newly created page
  • The name stays the same unless changed afterward
  • The cover photo remains the same.
  • All your posts and updates on the profile will be transferred to your newly created page

How To Get 5,000 Likes On Facebook Page?

If your Facebook profile has 5,000 friends, you may convert it into a Facebook page and end up getting 5,000 likes right away. Many people create a Facebook profile to convert them into a page.

After converting the profile to a page, all your friends will automatically like the page.

This is a simple trick you can use to get thousands of like instantly.

Let’s say you’re starting a page for your brand of business. If you want some likes on your Facebook page for number sake, you may convert your profile into a page.

On a similar note, if you want more likes to your Facebook page soon after creating them, considering inviting all your friends to like the page.

Can I Change The Name After Converting?

Facebook allows you to change the name of the page after converting a profile into a page.

Log into your Facebook page.

Head over to profile settings.

Click the edit button next to your name and enter a new name of your choice.

Click the save changes button.

If it is a valid name accepted by Facebook, your changes will be saved.

You can even set a single name on your Facebook account with a simple trick.

What’s Next?

This is how you can effortlessly convert your existing Facebook account into a Facebook page and get 5,000 likes instantly.

The process takes less than a minute, and there are no manual reviews or inspections on your account. You can follow the steps above and convert your profile into a page. After converting your profile to a page, your account remains. You can no longer extract a new page from this account, but you can use it as you normally would.

Let’s say that you want to start a fresh new Facebook page for your business or brand, then starting a new one and getting initial likes are going to be a pain.

You will have to invest a lot into marketing, promotions, etc, to get a few likes initially. But, by using this method, everything is automated, and you will get your very first 5,000 likes as soon as you create your page, really cool.


Can I Convert My Facebook Profile To Page?

Facebook lets you convert your profile into a page. The process takes less than two minutes and no manual verification is involved. Once converted, you will have a page with all the info as your profile.

What Happens To Friends After Converting

After converting your profile into a page, all your friends will turn into people who like the page. Soon after the conversion, everyone will be notified that they liked your new page. If they don’t want to like it, they can click the notification and unlike the page right away.

What Happens To Account After Converting?

After converting your profile into a page, you will have both your account and page. You can keep using your account as you used to do. But you won’t be able to create a new page out of this particular account again.