How to Unblock Facebook Account that are Blocked/Disabled

Is your Facebook Account Banned or Disabled? Learn How to Unblock Facebook Account that is Disabled or Blocked due to policy violations. It’s quite common that hundreds of thousands of Facebook Accounts are blocked daily. Are you one of their victim. If yes, Read and Find how to yourself unblock Accounts that are Blocked on Facebook.

There are certain types of Blocks. Usually, Facebook punishes users for doing stuff that is against Facebook Terms & Conditions. Temporary Block and Permanent Block are the two type of blocks usually on Facebook. If your Account is temporarily Blocked then you can easily recover it by doing a simple tweak mentioned below which is 100% Safe. And again if your Account is Permanently Blocked it is too hard to get it back. Most of the time, anyone won’t get back accounts that are Permanently Blocked. But, still, there is some possibility of getting Permanently blocked accounts back by Contacting the FaceBook Team.

Unblock Facebook Account

We all use Facebook every day and Facebook is an inevitable part of our life. On Facebook, we share various stuff like Pictures, videos, status, friends, etc. We have thousands of friends that we know personally and just online relations, We chat with them and having a lot of fun. But suddenly one day, when you tried to log in to your Account, it shows that”

Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Now, what will you do to Unblock Facebook Account that is Blocked? that’s why you are here. Today in this Article I will share tips and tricks that will help you to recover any Disabled or Blocked Facebook Account.

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How to Unblock Facebook Account?

There are two types of disabled Facebook accounts, one is Temporary Block and the other one is Permanent block. If your account is temporarily blocked, then you can easily regain access to your account by answering some security questions or by uploading any legal ID Proof. If your account is Permanently disabled, your account will be hidden from Facebook and no others can view it.

Why Facebook Blocked my Facebook Account?

There are various reasons why Facebook block your account. They only disable an account that violates Facebook Terms & Conditions. For some type of violation, Facebook even won’t inform about it to you. Facebook has the right to block any account without prior warning or notifications. If you have been doing any sort of stuff that are beyond the polices mentioned by Facebook then the possibilities of getting your account blocked is really really high. One of the main reason why people lose their Facebook account is because of spamming. In social networking site like Facebook, spamming activities are increasing day by day. If someone reports your account then the Facebook team will check your account and if the report is found to be true then they will permanently or temporarily disable your account starightaway. If it is a temporary ban then you will get your account back for sure but if it is a permanent ban then you might get your account back but not at all sure.

Different types of Block Account:

Temporary Block: You can regain access. These type of Account Deactivation is given to users as a warning. This means you will be able to get your account back after the given suspension period is over. The suspension period is decided by the Facebook team it varies anywhere from Hours to Months.

Permanent Block: Your account is deleted and never get it back. This is not a warning from Facebook, but a real account deactivation. After reviewing your Facebook account, the team decides not to give your account back. This may be due to spamming or other reasons that will be mentioned in the email that is sent to you by them. But, there is a possibility of getting your account back by contacting Facebook, anyways, let’s see.

So, if your account is permanently blocked, then there is no way to get it back but if your account is temporarily blocked then continue reading the article.

Read Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, to know why Facebook disabled your account.

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Appealing For a Disabled/Blocked Facebook Account

There is a dedicated Appeal portal for disabled Facebook Accounts. You can visit the link given below and appeal for your account. After doing a thorough review you might get your account back, then again it’s 100% sure that you will get your account back. But, let’s give it a try. Whatever be the case, whether your account is permanently blocked or temporarily blocks, give it a try and see if you get your block removed.

  Appeal for Disabled Facebook Account

  • Once you are on the Appeal page, Fill the required details like Email Address, Your full name and upload a scanned copy of any Government issued document like ID Card, Passport, Driving Licence or anything
  • If you have anything else to share with facebook, then use the Advanced Infor field box.

Facebook Account Block Appeal Form

  • Once you are done, cross-check the information once again and finally click on the Send button.

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Documents you can submit for Verification:

  1. Voter ID Card
  2. Driving Licence
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. or any other similar document with your Exact name as like in Facebook

Now you have successfully submitted an appeal to reactivate your Disabled Facebook Account.

Wait for 3 – 10 Days to get confirmation Email regarding the Account reactivation status. You will receive the Email in the address you mentioned in the Appeal form.

Be sure not to upload any Fake Proof, if they found it is fake, then your account is lost forever.

Final Words

This is how we can contact Facebook for reactivating a Disabled or Blocked Facebook account. Facebook usually disable accounts that do not adhere to their policy guidelines and are against Facebook terms & conditions.

Hope you will get your account reactivated.

Do comment down below if you have any doubt. Be sure to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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