Gmail Dot Trick – Create Unlimited Accounts From 1 Gmail Account

Gmail Dot Trick

The Gmail dot trick is a simple method to use 1 Gmail address to create hundreds of accounts on any website or app. Depending on the length of your Gmail address, you could make hundreds of combinations of Gmail addresses.

Let’s say you want to create five accounts on the same platform—for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Usually, you would need five separate email addresses to create five accounts. But with the help of the Gmail dot trick, all you need is a single Gmail address, and you can create five different accounts on the same platforms.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the Gmail dot trick, how to employ the trick to create multiple accounts from the same Gmail account, and finally, what you need to take care of while using the Gmail dot trick.

What is Gmail Dot Trick?

The Gmail dot trick is a hidden possibility that lets you generate hundreds of email addresses from one Gmail address. You can then use generated email addresses to create accounts on multiple platforms.

Usually you would need X number of email addresses to create X number of accounts on any website or app. But with the help of the Gmail dot trick, you may generate X accounts with only one email address.

For example, if a person sends an email to [email protected] and [email protected] or [email protected], all the emails will reach [email protected].

As per Google, dots doesn’t matter on Gmail address. All the dots are omitted on Gmail. It doesn’t matter in what order the dot sequence appears, gmail will omit the dots before sending the email.

This only works with Gmail. The dot trick does not apply to other email service providers like Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc.

How To Use Gmail Dot Trick?

Creating multiple email addresses with a single Gmail ID is very simple. All you need to do is add a dot (.) in between your email address before the @ symbol.

Below is an example of many email addresses generated, for [email protected].

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]
  5. [email protected]
  6. [email protected]
  7. [email protected]
  8. [email protected]
  9. [email protected]

If you send an email to the first, second, third, or sixth email address above, it will reach [email protected].

Now that you know how to generate multiple email addresses from one Gmail ID, let’s see how to use it to create various accounts on the same platform.

Visit any website or app of your choice.

Click the Sign-Up button or registration option to create a new account.

You will be asked to enter details like your name, mobile number, etc. In the email field, enter your Gmail address. Now add a dot anywhere before the @ symbol.

how to use gmail dot trick

Hit the Signup button.

Wait for a few seconds and log in to your Gmail account.

You will now find a verification link to activate your account on the platform.

Head back to the registration page again and fill in your details.

Now enter your Gmail address in the email field and add the dot to a different position this time.

For example, if you added the dot after the second letter in the first account, add the dot to the third or fourth position and click the signup button again.

You may open your Gmail inbox and find a new activation link. You may create multiple accounts on the same platform using a single Gmail address.

Thing To Keep In Mind

Although Gmail dot trick provides you the ability to create multiple accounts on any platform with a single Gmail address, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

First, you should remember where you added the dot to create an account on the platform. For example, you may make 10 or 15 accounts on a website using the Gmail dot trick.

Each of these accounts will have a different username and maybe a password. But you will have to remember the dot’s location for each of these accounts. You will need them to reset the password or log into the account without the username.

As of now, this trick works on many websites and apps. But it may change soon. There are possibilities that websites will start to omit the dots the same way Google treats them. If this happens, it will become impossible for you to access the account. So keep that in mind.

Finally, the Gmail dot trick won’t work on every platform. There are certain websites where that already omit the dots when you enter a Gmail address. So before making a new account, ensure the platform supports the Gmail dot trick.

I recommend you create a spreadsheet with all the email addresses and the respective accounts to which it is mapped. This way, you will never forget any email address and the dot location.

Gmail Dot Trick Generator

If you want to see all the possible combinations of email addresses you can create from a single Gmail ID, you may use a Gmail dot trick generator.

Once you visit the Gmail dot trick generator, you must enter the email address and click Enter. The website will now generate different email addresses by adding a dot to varying positions before the @ symbol.

Gmail Dot Trick Generator

Once generated, copy it and save it somewhere handy. Next time you want to create a new account, copy the address from the list and you are good to go.

Gmail Plus Trick

The Gmail plus trick is yet another way to generate multiple email addresses using a Gmail address. All you you need to do is, add a plus (+) instead of dot between the letters before the @ symbol.

This way you can create many more email addresses from a single Gmail ID.


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

How Gmail Dot Trick Works

Some of you might wonder how the Gmail dot trick works.

As per the official Google documentation, Gmail treats all email addresses with the dot the same. For example, [email protected] and [email protected] are the same. It doesn’t matter if a dot is present in the username. The Gmail system will omit the dot.

Not just a single dot. Even if the email address has multiple dots between a few letters, Google will omit all the dots.

Remember that the Gmail dot trick will only work with Gmail addresses. If you have a Google workspace account, the same won’t apply. The dots in email addresses count for Google workspace on a custom domain.

Next time onwards, whenever you want to create multiple accounts on pretty much any site, use the Gmail dot trick, and you can create unlimited accounts.

As of now, the Gmail dot trick works perfectly fine on multiple websites and apps. I tried the same on popular websites like Twitter, which worked flawlessly. The only thing is that you need to keep track of the account so that you won’t miss it in the future.

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