Meet our team members who create and manage the whole website. You can get in touch with the team members via their Social Media handles.

Astro K Joseph

I am Astro K Joseph, the founder, and fountainhead of IPEE World. I write about various tech topics including Tech News and Guides. Get in touch with me through different social media channels. I also manage the official IPEE World YouTube Channel



Aromal VG

I am absolutely fond of gadgets and a tech-addicted teen. I write about various Gadgets, their news, and reviews. Apart from this, I am a stock marketer and earning a living on autopilot.



Ajay Varghese

ajay vargheseI am a tech news content writer at IPEE World. I write about the latest news from the whole tech industry and primarily focuses on news related to Android, iOS and general tech. I also own a tech blog and write some quality guides there as well



Castro K Joseph

I am the senior editor and social media guy at IPEE World. I do social media management and also write news articles for IPEE World.




Basil Abraham

An avid Android lover and passionate about writing different stuff on the topic ‘Android’. I mainly cover the News department at IPEE World and keeps you updated on the same.



IPEE World Staff

I am an all-rounder and writes on pretty much every topic covered in IPEE World. 🙂