30 Best Discord Profile Pictures & Discord Avatars

List of best Discord Profile Pictures to set your Discord Avatar.

Having a really cool DP makes your Discord Profile stand out from the crowd. If you are very active in a lot of Discord communities and servers, then the DP of yours will be your identity. If you are struggling to find cool Discord profile picture to set as your DP then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find various Discord DP or profile pictures from different categories like Funny, Cool, Hacker, Computer nerd, amazing, etc. Once you have found your favorite DP, you can follow the guide given at the end of the article to set it as your DP on Discord.

Downloading and setting the DP on Discord takes less than 3 minutes and can be done on any version of Discord on Android, iOS, PC, macOS, or even web. You are not required to use any custom plugins for this either.

Discord DP

How to Download Discord DP?

The confusing question that you might have on your mind is how to download a profile picture for Discord and set it as DP or will I need Discord Nitro to set a DP? Just follow the steps mentioned in this section to see how to download DP. Once downloaded, you can follow the guide given in the other section to set it on your profile.

  • Just below every image, you will find a credit link to the original owner of the image. All you have to do is just click on the link.
  • Now, it will take you to Pinterest. (Almost all images used in this article are from Pinterest)
  • Click on the source link and download the original version of the DP from their website.
  • Once done, follow the guide to set it as your DP

Top Discord Profile Pictures and Avatars

I have categorized pictures and avatars into different sections so that you can directly select the picture of your choice. Some of you might be looking for cool discord pictures while others might be looking for funny discord avatars.

The list is arranged in no particular order. Make sure to go through the entire list to find the best one for you.

Cool Discord Avatars

In this section, we will take a look at some Cool Discord Avatars to use as your Discord Avatar. There are tons of cool pics for Discord out there, listing some of them here.


Credit: Strangekidd/Pinterest

A lot of you might be already aware of Snoopy, an anthropomorphic beagle in the comic strip Peanuts. Snoopy is an adorable and cute dog. In this avatar here, Snoopy poses with thumbs up. Try this avatar if you are a snoopy fan.

Cartoon Character

Credit: Wattpad/Pinterest

This one is yet another adorable cartoon character from a famous series. The character looks like a detective with glasses reading some newspaper.

Cat with Glasses

Credit: Wattpad/Pinterest

In this image, you will find a cute cat in glasses. The red neon light effect on the image gives it an entirely different look and must try if you are a cat lover.

Pink Panther

Credit: Maxou/Pinterest

Pink Panther waiving hand at you. A cool pink panther avatar to use in Discord.

Among Us DP for Discord

Credit: Pinterest

Are you an among us fan? This is an animated GIF avatar of Among US. If you have a Discord Nitro or Discord Nitro Classic subscription, then you can use this animated avatar.

Spiderman with a camera

Credit: Wattpad/Pinterest

Spiderman wants to click a photo of you! In this avatar, spiderman is holding a camera to take a snap of yours. Smile, please.


Credit: iPhone Wallpapers/Pinterest

Are you a Deadpool fan? Here is a cool avatar of Deadpool. The character pops out from the circle to give it a 3D and lively look.

BTS Fan Girl

Credit: Wapka/Pinterest

Are you a BTS Fan? this DP is for every BTS Army out there. A girl wearing BTS themed cap with BTS logo.

Anime Discord Profile Pictures

If you are into animes or watch various anime shows then chances are you will find your favorite character below. You can set your Anime character as your Discord Profile Picture. Once selected, you can follow the guide given to change the DP to your choice.

Credit: Reone/Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Imgur/Pinterest
Credit: ImageDiamond/Pinterest
Credit: ImageDiamond/Pinterest

These are some cool profile pictures that you can use on Discord to take your Discord profile to next level.

Funny Discord Profile Pictures

If you are a funny person then you are definitely going to like the funny Discord picture given below. Just find one, and then apply it as your display picture.

Credit: Wattpad/Pinterest

This is yet another cat with glasses. This time, the cat is trying to adjust the glass using its paw. A funny dp for Discord.

Credit: Tiki/Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Dribble/Pinterest
Credit: Wattpad/Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

How to Change Discord Profile Picture?

Now that you have downloaded the profile picture to your device, next is to set it as a profile picture or display picture.

Setting an image as your Discord DP is fairly simple and it will work with all versions of Discord for PC, macOS, Android, iOS, and web.

  • First of all, open up Discord
  • Click on the cog icon from the bottom left corner
Set Discord Profile Picture
  • Click on the Change Avatar button
Change Discord DP
  • Navigate and find the new DP that you just downloaded
  • Click the save button and you have successfully changed Discord DP

So, these are some Discord Profile Pictures that you can use on your Discord account. I will be updating the article frequently with newer images as well.

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