How to Convert EXE to APK File (Windows EXE to Android APK) For FREE

One of the best ways for running Windows EXE files on your Android Device is to Convert the exe file into an Apk file and then install that Apk file on your Android Device.

However, if you want to run Windows EXE programs on your Android device without installing Windows on your Android device, Then today this article helps you a lot.


Android Users can only install APK based Android Applications on their device.But in this present situation, there are tons of Windows EXE based Application which include both software and interesting games.After reading this article you will be able to Install EXE Windows programs on your Android APK based Device. Sounds really Cool Huh?

How To Convert EXE To APK

So are you guys ready to convert your EXE File to APK file, So that you can use your Computer System software in your very own Smartphone?

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How To Convert Windows EXE To Android APK File?

You need a working EXE executable file and Change My Software: EXE to APK Converter Tool(Which can be downloaded from the link given below)

Note: A few months back the software Change My Software: EXE to APK Converter Tool was 100% FREE,.Users was able to download the file within few mouse clicks.But now to download the application given above you need to submit a survey or Pay them in order to get the setu file of the oftware.

But thank GOD I have got a link from which you can download the software for completely FREE without completing Survey or Paying them a single penny.Still, the software is downloaded from the publisher website and no modification has done to the software by me.


(You can download the file from this website by completeing a short survey or by paying them a little.)

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1. After you download the RAR file simply Extract it using WinRAR

2. Now Launch the Software

3. Now click on “I have a Portable Version” and click Next in the software

4. Now browse and add your specific EXE file that you want to convert

(It will take some time to load files,)

5. Once after the file is loaded then click on Convert button

The time taken for the process of conversion depends upon the size of the file you have selected for converting.So leave it for the process to be complete

6. After the conversion process is complete you will get a window like this (See the screenshot below)

EXE File Converted To APK File

7. Now you have your fresh APK file of the specific file you converted.

8. Now transfer this converted APK file to your Smartphone or Tablet using any  method and Install it.Once installed use it like a pro.

Final Words

Hope you guys found this article useful. This is the only available free and easy method to convert almost all  EXE file to APK files.

Do share this article with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or anywhere you like. Comment down below, If you face any issue, I will catch you at the soonest. 🙂

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