33 Best Skyrim Console Commands [2021]

skyrim console commands

Skyrim Console Commands are kind of cheat codes of Skyrim game that you can use to introduce new features and extras to the game. Playing the same game over and over again sometimes can become boring. But Skyrim Console Commands are here to rescue you. Using these commands will help you to spice up your gaming experience by a huge margin.

skyrim console commands

There are tons of Skyrim Console Commands out there. We have managed to curate a list of the best Skyrim console command to level up your gaming experience. Starting from the immortal command to the teleporting command, there are some really cool Skyrim Console Commands to get started with. Find the full list of Skyrim Commands with their proper explanation below.

Must Try Skyrim Console Commands

I will make sure to categorize the commands given below so that you can find what you are looking for and start using the same right away.

Must use Skyrim Console Commands

1. Ressurect

Command: Resurrect <#>

This command will help you to bring back a dead NPC to life. You can specify the number to decide what all to bring along with the NPC.

2. Toggle Immortal Mode

Command: TIM

This console command will make your character immortal (never die).

3. Start All Quests

Command: saq

To start all quests in the whole game

4. Toggle God Mode

Command: TGM

Gives you god level extras and abilities like Infinite health, etc.

5. Complete Quest

Command: CompleteQuest <QuestID>

Will help you to complete a specified quest for you

6. Complete All Quests

Command: caqs

Helps you to complete all the levels in a particular quest

7. Teleport to a specified location

Command: coc <location>

Teleport you immediately to any specified location on the map

8. Teleport NPC

Command: moveto player

Teleport an NPC to any specific part of the map

9. Unlock

Command: unlock

Helps you to unlock any locked door or chest

10. Free Camera

Command: tfc

Helps you to move the camera to any direction as per your choice.

11. Toggle Map Regions

Command: tfow

Will help you to toggle between unexplored areas on the map

12. Gender Change

Command: sexchange

Let’s you change the gender of any character

13. Combat Artificial Intelligence

Command: TCAI

Computer controlled characters won’t attack you if you enable this command

14. Quit

Command: qqq

Quit the game

15. Set Player Relationship

Command: player.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#>

Change the relationship between an NPC and yourself.

16. Set an NPC Mortal/Immortal

Command: setessential <BaseID> <#>

Set an NPC immortal or mortal.

Skyrim Console Commands to Level Up

17. Level Up

Command: player.advlevel

This Skyrim command will help you to level up your character

18. Set Player Level

Command: player.setlevel <#>

Use this command to set your player’s level directly to any given value.

19. Get Current Stage

Command: GetStage <QuestID>

To show the current stage of active quest

Skyrim Console Command for Gold

20. Add gold to Inventory

Command: player .additem 0000000f 1000

Using this command, you can add infinite number of gold to your inventory

Skyrim Console Command for Supplies

21. Add Item

Command: additem <ItemID> <#>

Use to add item’s to your inventory

22. Drop Item

Command: player.drop <ItemID> <#>

Drop any item from your inventory

23. Equip Item

Command: equipitem <itemID> <#> <left/right>

To force equip an item from your inventory

24. Unequip Item

Command: Unequipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right>

Unequip the specified item

25. List Inventory

Command: player.showinventory

To see the list of all items in your inventory

Skyrim Console Commands for Skills

26. Increase Skill Points

Command: IncPCS <AVskill>

Add points to your skill tree

27. Player Spell Book

Command: psb

Unlock all shouts and spells for the player

28. Add Shout

Command: Addshout <ShoutID>

Add a specific shout ability

29. Equip Spell

Command: Equipspell <SpellID> <left/right>

Force to equip a spell

Skyrim Console Commands for Weapons

30. Falmer Arrow

Command: Player.AddItem 38341 <#>

Add powerful Falmer Arrow

31. Ancient Nord Bow

Command: Player.AddItem 000302CA <#>

Add Ancient Nord Bow to your inventory

32. Iron Dagger

Command: Player.AddItem 0001397E <#>

Add Iron Dagger

33. Give Dragon Souls

Command: player.forceav dragonsouls <#>

Add unlimited dragon souls to your character

These are a few amazing Skyrim Console Commands that you can use to make your gameplay even better and great. Make sure to try them all.

If you are not sure how to use these Console Commands on Skyrim, follow the steps given below.

How to Use Skyrim Console Commands

Follow the simple steps below to add any console command on Skyrim game easily.

use skyrim console commands

All you have to is simply press the “~” key on your keyboard. Clicking on it will instantly open up the developer console where you can enter different console commands. Just take a look at the list above and select the particular command. Just enter it here and you are all good to go. Nothing else to do.

Final Words

There are tons of Skyrim Console Commands that you can use to make your gameplay even more interesting. Go through the list one by one and use every single one of them. I will update and add more commands as soon as I discover more.

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