How To Reach Underdark In Baldur’s Gate 3 [4 Ways]

The vast subterranean realm known as the Underdark is one of the most intriguing areas to uncover in Larian Studios’ epic new RPG Baldur’s Gate 3. Sprawling beneath the Sword Coast, the Underdark is home to dark elves, mind flayers, and all manner of strange creatures and locations.

Reaching this shadowy realm is no easy feat.

There are only a few known entrances scattered across the game’s first region.

In this blog post, I’ll provide detailed directions for accessing the Underdark through four different entry points.

Read on for everything you need to know about journeying into the depths!

1. Goblin Camp

The Goblin Camp, located west of the starting area, has three potential gateways down into the Underdark.

Goblin Camp

Let’s explore each one:

Through the Warehouse

Inside the Goblin Warehouse, you’ll find a small passageway blocked by crates and debris. To access it, you’ll need to use magical means to shrink yourself down to miniature size. Cast Reduce Person if you have a wizard or sorcerer in your party. Druids can Wild Shape into a tiny animal like a rat or beetle.

Once miniaturized, scurry through the hole in the wall. Follow the tunnels until you reach the temple puzzle room.

Solving this puzzle (more details below) will open the way forward into the Underdark.

By picking the Locked Doors

By picking the Locked Doors - BG3

An easier method is to head east to the adjacent room in the warehouse. Locked doors block the way, but can be picked with a skilled rogue or lockpicking proficiency.

Save yourself some hassle by using this entrance rather than downsizing!

Through the Spider Area

Supposedly there is also an opening somewhere in the spider-infested section of the warehouse. I’ve yet to succeed in finding the exact location. But with enough perseverance, a hidden cavity leading down should be uncovered.

Solving the Temple Puzzle

Once you’ve reached the temple’s puzzle room by one of the above methods, solving the puzzle is straightforward. There are four glowing circles on the ceiling and four darkened circles on the floor.

Solving the Temple Puzzle - BG3

Step on the darkened floor circles to fill them with light. When all four are illuminated, the stone doorway will rumble open, allowing passage down into the Underdark below.

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2. Sneaking in via the Zentarim Hideout

Joining forces with the Zentarim mercenary group allows access to their hidden underground base. Locate the inconspicuous hideout door in Vulcan’s Rest to the northwest.

Zentarim Hideout - BG3

Follow the tunnels deep until you reach an arena-like room. Defeat the enemies here, then proceed forward. A large sleeping wolf blocks the way – sneak by without waking him up!

Zentarim Hideout - BG3 2

Illusory doors conceal the path, but you can slip past the illusion. At the dead-end is a locked winch mechanism that will summon an elevator platform down into the Underdark when unlocked.

3. Descent via Blighted Village Well

The unassuming well at the center of the Blighted Village is another gateway to the realms below. Toss a coin into the well, then climb down the rope.

Blighted Village Well - BG3 2

Gray oozes and other hazards lurk in these flooded caverns. At the end you’ll come upon a great chamber with a massive chasm in the floor. Dangerous creatures guard the pit, so prepare for a difficult fight.

Once you’ve defeated the guardians, the deep hole provides a direct route down into Underdark. Using Feather Fall or other spells/items to slow your descent will make the long drop safer.

4. Passing through the Hag’s Illusions

Defeating the repulsive hag in her coastal hideout causes illusory walls to appear. Pass through the illusion and continue forward cautiously.

Hag's Illusions - BG3 2

Noxious fumes seep from vents in this trap-ridden cavern zone. Seek out the specific ledge you can leap down to. It too hides behind a veil of illusion that the Hag’s Eye amulet can part.

I advise dealing with the hag before returning here. The Hag’s Eye tends to inflict the user with unsettling visions and nightmares. Once you’ve slipped past the illusion, a mystic portal provides direct Underdark access.

Preparing for Your Underdark Journey

Before stepping through any of these gateways, make sure your party is well equipped and prepared for the threats that lurk below. Here are some tips:

  • Stock up on supplies/rations in town. It’s a long way down with minimal chances to restock.
  • Acquire darkvision magic like the Cat’s Eyes spell or Drow Amulet. Natural light is scarce.
  • Bring magical weapons and gear. Many Underdark creatures resist physical damage.
  • Recruit a wizard or sorcerer. Arcane magic like Fireball and Lightning Bolt work well against dense crowds of enemies.
  • Take a cleric or paladin to heal and counteract poisons/diseases.
  • Pick up a map of the Underdark at a temple or library if possible. It’s easy to get turned around in the vast winding tunnels.
  • Pack climbing gear like pitons, hammers, and ropes. Chasms and climbs are common obstacles.

Provided you plan ahead and take precautions, you’ll be ready to delve into the Underdark’s buried secrets and return to tell the tales!

Let me know if you discover any additional hidden ways into the shadowy realms below Baldur’s Gate. There are sure to be more unmarked entrances.

Now grab your best adventuring companions and begin the deep descent!