5 Methods To Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile {Latest}

who viewed my instagram

Who Viewed My Instagram? probably this will be the one among the most asked question by almost all Instagram users. We will be curious to know who viewed our Instagram account and you guys might ask can you see who views your Instagram account, well the answer is sort of yes. We can track our Instagram Profile visitors through some third party services and Apps available on the Internet.

Are you eager to know Who Visited your Instagram Profile, then this article is just for you A lot of people use Instagram every day and it is the world’s most used Photo sharing service both on Android and iPhone devices.? Now here comes the main question, Who Viewed my Instagram Profile today. Well, this is a feature that Instagram really lacks. If you want to use Instagram in PC for any reason, we have written a guide on that as well. Be sure to check that out and see how you can use your Instagram account from PC.

who viewed my instagram

Before getting started let me just tell you that there are no official methods to do this trick and the trick that I am going to share below is less practical though. This method is 100% working but only works with people who have already installed the below-mentioned app on their device. That is why I said the practicality is a way to less.

It’s obvious that we might be eager to know who visited my Instagram Profile. As said earlier, officially Instagram is having no such feature. In Instagram, if you are having a Business account then you might be knowing that there is an option to know how much people visited your profile, but you can’t know the names of people who visited your account.

Who Viewed My Instagram

I have been researching for a working method to find profile visitors of our Instagram. After a series of research, I finally concluded that it is not possible though. There are no Apps or service ever created to find profile visitors and Instagram is currently not having a feature like that. If you find any such Application or service, please don’t give your password there as it is very risky.

Instagram Itself

Did you guys know that Instagram itself shows you how much people visited your profile in the last few days? Yes, you heard it right. The main disadvantage about this is that you will not be able to find who exactly visited your profile, but will give you an idea about how much people visited your profile in last 7 days, month or even more data range.

Normal accounts will not get access to the Analytics page. For that, first, you need to convert your account into a Business profile. Once, do that, Analytics properties like Who visited your profile, What was the engagement, How much people visited your profile, etc data can be obtained.

Alternate Method

But, today I will be introducing a new App which lets you get some basic idea about your profile visitors and some other cool uses too. This app cannot be used as Instagram Profile Visitors finder but will give you a basic idea of what type of people are visiting your account and who unfollowed you, ghost followers, etc.

The first App that we are talking about is “Unfollowers”. This is a useful App which lets you give some interesting analytics about your account.

The very first thing is to Download the App called Unfollowers from the link given below. You can easily install it by visiting Google Play Store.


This is an interesting app that lets you know the following data of your account

  • Unfollowers

It is obvious that a lot of people will actually unfollow your profile for some reason. Well, do you want to find who unfollowed yours from Instagram? Then this application is heaven for you. This will tell exactly who did unfollow you and when they did it.

  • Ghost Followers

Ghost Followers are people which follows you but you don’t follow back. This basically means Fans. You can see How much Fans you are having, etc.

  • Find people don’t follow you back

You can also easily find people that you follow and they don’t follow you back. This data will be helpful to unfollow people who don’t follow you on Instagram.

Risky Method

There are a lot of apps and websites on the Internet claiming that they can help you find your Instagram Profile visitors. I don’t know if they are legit or scam. To best of my belief, I think they are not gonna work. But, you guys can it a shot and see if it works for you. I will leave links to a few apps which do the job. Download it yourself and see if they work.

After downloading if they are not working properly then immediately change your Instagram Password for a safer change.

  • App 1
  • App 2
  • App 3

I really don’t recommend you guys to install these apps because I think they don’t work and is dangerous to your Instagram Privacy. The final decision is always yours and you can decide whether or not you should install these apps.

Final Words

So, guys, these are the working methods to Know how much people visited your Instagram profile and various analytic data about your Instagram Account. All the apps mentioned above are completely free and safe to use except the three apps mentioned at the last of the article. Unfollowers Insight is a great app to find who unfollowed you and various data related to that. You can also find ghost followers, and your fans and total mutual followers among your friends, etc.

Converting your account to an Instagram Business profile is the best way to find how to see who viewed your Instagram. There are so many Instagram Stalker Apps as well, give them a shot as well. That’s it guys, Hope you guys found this article useful and how not to fall prey for some malicious apps. Be sure to share this article with your friends who use Instagram and let them know about this trick, too.

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