Fallout New Vegas Console Commands and Cheat Codes

The full list of Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Fallout New Vegas is a popular game in the Fallout series. The same is available for a plethora of gaming consoles and PC including Xbox One, PS4, etc. If you are playing the game in offline mode then you have the option to use console commands and cheat codes to quickly bypass a level.

During the gameplay, at some point, the game might feel so hard and for the same reason, you might not be able to complete it. This is where Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheat codes come into play. You can use these commands to complete levels easily without trying hard.

The option to use console commands and cheat codes is available on the game. In order to use a command or cheat code, all you have to do is simply open the console command window and then execute the command in offline mode, that’s it.

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

What are Fallout New Vegas Console Commands?

For starters, console commands for Fallout New Vegas are a set of codes/commands or cheat codes that you can use to complete hard levels. This is very similar to the Skyrim Console Commands. You might find some levels to be super hard and you might struggle to finish it. Even after trying so hard, if you are not able to complete that specific level then just use the appropriate console command and you are all good to go.

There are console commands for different things like skills, weapons, weight limit, ammo, etc. And you can use all of them in offline mode.

How to use Fallout Console Commands and Cheat Codes?

Before going in, let’s see how to use Fallout New Vegas console commands and cheat codes on the game.

  • First of all open Fallout New Vegas and start a gameplay. You can either continue your existing gameplay or start a new one. It’s up to you.
  • During the gameplay, just click on ‘~’ Tide key on your keyboard. Upon clicking the Tide key, the game’s console page will load up.
  • This is where you need to type and execute the command or cheat code. All you have to do is refer to the tables given below and find the appropriate console command or cheat code. Once found, type and execute the same on the console window.

This is how we execute or use a Fallout console command. The steps are the same for all commands out there.

Console Commands for Fallout: New Vegas

You can find various console commands categorized into different sections to make things easier for you.

Fallout New Vegas Inventory Commands

Here are some of the important ammo and weapons-related console commands. These commands will help you gain inventory items for easily completing a level.

player.placeatme 69EE6Activates the ammo item box for the ammunition for all of the weapons
player.additem 000000FChanges the number of bottlecaps for the Character
player.setweaponhealthperc #Repairs the weapon and restores the health of the character
addspecialpoints #Changes the unique points of the playing character. Change the value of # to your liking
player.placeatme 8F7B9Cheat code for all weapons with full ammo
player.rewardxp #Changes the RewardXP points to the selected number. Change the value of # to your liking
RewardKarma #Change the Reward Karma points. Change the value of # to your liking
player.addperk (perkcode)Change the perkcode value with the appropriate perkcode to activate the selected Perk
player.additem 001465A6 1Activates Mega Pistol in the game
setpccanusepowerarmor 1Activates the Power Armour

General Purpose Fallout New Vegas Cheat Codes

Here are some of the most popular and used console commands for Fallout New Vegas. These are some of the frequently used ones, so make sure to go through them.

tdmEnable to gain unlimited health only.
set timescale to #Increase or decrease the gameplay speed
TCL is the noclip command for New Vegas. Fly to any part of the map.
tgmEnable the God Mode and provide unlimited health, all weapons, ammo, and armour.
killallKill all characters and animals around you.

Fallout New Vegas Camera Movement Commands

If you would like to change the camera movement or position/angle then make sure to use these console commands.

Enables the Lightbrite mode. Better lighting even in dark conditions.
TfcChange the camera angle easily and instantly.
tmToggle HUD.
sucsm #Control the camera movement speed. Change the value of #.
tclEnable NoClip to freely roam around the map.
fov #Easily change the field of view of the character. Supported range, 40 – 90.

Must-Know Fallout New Vegas Weapon and Armour Code

There are tons of codes for different types of weapons and armours. Below given are some of the important ones that you should know.

Weapon Codes:

Tesla cannon000e2bec
Plasma caster 000906cf
Pew Pew laser rifle00103b1d
Fat Man0000432c
Assault Carbine (GRA)0008f21e
Christine’s CoS silencer riflexx0112ba
Missile launcher 00004340
Sturdy Caravan Shotgun001735e3
Silenced .22 SMG 0008f218
Euclid’s C-Finder0014eb3c
Alien blaster00004322
Mysterious Magnum00127c6c
Anti-materiel Rifle0008f21c
Power Fist00004347
Li’l Devil pistol xx000805
Lucky revolver000e2c86

Armour Codes:

T45d power armour00014e13
Combat armour, reinforced00126500
Brotherhood T-45b power armour00075201
Stealth Suit Mk IIxx00c12f
NCR Ranger combat armour00129254
Advanced Radiation suit0003307a

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Use Console Commands for Fallout New Vegas

Use the above-mentioned console commands for Fallout New Vegas to make your gameplay easy and simple. You may only apply the same on offline mode and not on online mode. We have various weapons and armour related codes and commands to help you if you are short on them. So, go through all the commands and note down the ones that you might frequently use, and start the gameplay.