How to Block or Unblock & Report Someone on ClubHouse App

Here's how to block/unblock and report someone on Clubhouse app for Android and iOS.

Clubhouse app is the new guy in the town and all of a sudden Clubhouse has seen a sudden surge in the number of users all across the globe. People spend endless hours of time joining and listening in various rooms. Since almost all rooms are public, anyone can join the room. This makes it easy for spammers to get into a room and spam others.

If you are facing some issue with a person on the Clubhouse app then the best thing to do is to block that person on Clubhouse. To take it further, you may also report the user as well. Similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Clubhouse also comes with the option to block any user.

block someone on clubhouse

Why Block Someone on Clubhouse?

As you might already know, all rooms on Clubhouse are public and that means anyone can join the room. All users following you on Clubhouse will be able to see the rooms that you are active in and join them as well. There might be a lot of people with whom you are not on good terms. If that person follows you then he/she will be able to see all the room that you are a part of. Now, this can create problems.

A lot of people might use abusive language and also insult other people publically on the platform. If something like this happened to you then all you have to do is just block that user right away.

In this article, you will find how you can block someone on Clubhouse. We will also discuss everything that happens after you block someone as well.

How to Block Someone on Clubhouse?

In this section, we will see how to block on Clubhouse. The steps are the same for both Android as well iOS users. Just follow the step-by-step guide to block anyone on Clubhouse.

Step 1: Open Clubhouse and find the profile of the person you want to block. If that person follows you, then you can find the profile by visiting the followers’ section. Or you may even search for the person in the search bar as well.

Step 2: Once you have found the person, just visit their profile. On the profile screen, click on the three dots icon from the top right corner.

Step 3: Now it will reveal three options. They are Share profile…, Block, and Report an incident. All you have to do is click on the Block button

Club a user on clubhouse

Step 4: Now a confirmation pop-up will ask you to confirm the action. Clicking on the Block button will instantly block that person from your profile.

confirm block
Block someone on Clubhouse

Once blocked, you will see a new notification telling that the person was added to the blocklist. Now, if you take a look at the person’s profile, you will also see a blocked tag as well.

user blocked on clubhouse

Report Someone on Clubhouse

If the person you blocked was spamming you or harassing you in any way then you might want to report the user as well. Clubhouse app comes with the option to report users as well. Let’s see how to report a profile on Clubhouse

  • Visit the Profile of the person who you want to report
  • Tap on the three dots icon from the top right corner of the screen
  • Select Report option from the list
  • Now, it will ask you to fill a form with some details like the reason to report the user, your email id, explanation, and finally an optional attachment as well.
report an user on clubhouse
Report someone on Clubhouse
  • Once you are done filling in these details, simply click on the Submit report button and you have successfully reported a user on Clubhouse.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Clubhouse?

Now you might be wondering what will happen after you block someone. Here’s everything that happens behind the scene once you block someone on the platform.

  • The blocked person won’t be able to join the room if you are a speaker or moderator (Basically, blocked users are blocked from the rooms that you are speaking as well)
  • You will get a notification if you try to join a room where the blocked person is a speaker or moderator
  • You and the blocked person will be able to join any room together as long as both of you are just listeners.

Later after some time if you change your mind, you can unblock them as well. Follow the steps given below to unblock someone on Clubhouse.

How to Unblock Someone on Clubhouse

Here’s how you can unblock a user that you have blocked earlier.

Clubhouse does not come with a blocklist section, so you can’t find all the people you blocked in a centralized manner. You will have to visit the profile of the person and then unblock them from there.

  • Open Clubhouse
  • Search for the profile of the person that you want to unblock
  • From the profile page, tap on the Blocked button
  • Now a popup will ask if you want to unblock the user. Just tap on the unblock button and you have successfully unblocked a user on Clubhouse.
unblock someone on clubhouse
Unblock someone on Clubhouse

When you block someone on Clubhouse, you will automatically unfollow that person as well. So, once you unblock them, you might want to follow them again (If you are interested)

Can I See Blocklist in Clubhouse

This is one feature that I wish was available on Clubhouse. As of now, there is no option for you to find people you have blocked on the platform. When it comes to other social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, you can find a section where it lists all blocked users but that’s not the case with Clubhouse.

Since the blocklist option is not available on Clubhouse, it will become hard for you to keep track of everyone you blocked on Clubhouse.

In order. to unblock anyone, you will have to manually visit the profile and then unblock them from there. Since Clubhouse is adding more and more features, we can expect them to include this option in a future update.

Also see how to ban/unban someone on Discord, which is yet another communication platform, but for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the other person know if I block them?

No. No notifications or message will be sent to the user stating that you blocked them

Can I block the user who invited to Clubhouse?

Yes, you can block pretty much anyone on Clubhouse. It doesn’t matter if that is the user who invited you to Clubhouse, you can surely block them as well. But the Invited by badge will be still present in your profile

Can we both join same room again?

If both of you are listeners, then you can join the room and listen to the speaker. But if the blocked person is a speaker or moderator then you will be notified about the same. Furthermore, the blocked person won’t be able to join the rooms in which you are a speaker or moderator

Can I report someone on Clubhouse?

Yes, you can report a person on Clubhouse. To report a person, follow the steps mentioned above.

Can I see the list of all blocked users?

No, at the time of writing this article, there is no such option available.

Final Words

Clubhouse do come with the option to block someone on the platform. In fact, it is a feature that should be there on any social media platform. In a few taps, you can easily block or unblock anyone on Clubhouse. You may even report the person if they are trying to spam or harass you as well. The feature is available on both Android as well as iOS versions of Clubhouse and the steps are pretty much similar.