How to Delete All Messages in Discord [Clear All Chat]

Here's how you can delete all messages in Discord - Clear chats from both channels and individual direct messages easily.

Discord offers video-based, audio-based, and text-based communication options. Discord is mainly used for its audio chat feature where you can communicate with other people while on a game. But Discord is also a powerful text messaging platform as well. If you are a part of a server that contains a lot of people, then over time a lot of text messages might get accumulated.

Having a lot of text messages might make Discord not work properly. In this article, you will find methods to completely delete all messages from a Discord server. We are going to use a bot to automate the process. It is nearly impossible for us to manually delete all the messages on Discord. This is the reason why we use a Discord bot to get the job done.

In order to use a Discord bot to delete or clear messages on Discord, you should be the server admin or owner of the server itself. If you are just a member of the server then you won’t be able to delete messages on discord in bulk.

Delete All Messages on Discord

Bulk Delete All Messages in Discord

As mentioned earlier, we will be using a Discord bot to clear all chats. For this, we are going to use a cool Discord bot called MEE6. MEE6 is a free bot available for Discord that makes our life easier. MEE6 also comes with an optional premium plan as well. But to delete all messages, the free version is enough.

We have already published a detailed guide on installing MEE6 on a Discord server. First of all, follow the MEE6 Bot for Discord installation guide and get it installed on your server. Once installed then follow the steps given below to delete all messages from the Discord server.

Step 1: First of all make sure that you have successfully installed and added the MEE6 bot to your Discord Server. Also, make sure the bot is active too.

Step 2: Go to MEE6 Dashboard and then enable the Moderator option under the Server Management section. All you have to do is just click on the toggle button to turn it on. By default, this option will be disabled.

Enable Moderator Plugin on MEE6
Enable Moderator Plugin on MEE6

Step 3: Upon clicking the toggle, a new pop will appear asking whether to enable the plugins, just click on Yes.

Enable the Plugin
Enable the Plugin

Step 4: Now the Moderator Roles options will open. If you want, you can enable moderator commands for any roles. You can specify the roles under the Roles option. Since you are the owner of the server, it will be enabled for you.

Step 5: In order to delete messages in bulk, we are going to use a MEE6 Command. !clear is the command that will help us to clear all chats in Discord. Follow the example given below to see how to use the command.

After typing the !clear command, you can mention the number of messages to be deleted. For example, if you want to delete previous 5 messages then the command would be – !clear 5.

Just type the !clear command along with the number of messages to clear it from the channel.

Upon executing the command, a new message will pop up telling us it has deleted X number of messages.

Clear All Discord Chats
Clear All Discord Chats

Similarly, if you want to clear messages from a single user only then you may use the command in the below-given format to delete a user’s previous 100 messages.

!clear @username

If you want to delete all messages on the channel with a single click then you need to clone the channel. Follow the steps to clone a Discord channel.

  • Right click on the Channel name
  • Click on Clone Channel option
Clone a Discord Channel
Clone a Discord Channel
  • Now a popup will appear asking you to mention a new name for the channel. And click on the Create Channel button.
Create a New Channel
Create a New Channel
  • Now you have successfully cloned a channel without the messages. All users will be there in the newly created channel but the messages will be vanished.

This is how we use the MEE6 bot for Discord to bulk delete messages. MEE6 is such a powerful bot for Discord that will let you manage and moderate your server in a more efficient way.

How to Delete All Direct Messages on Discord

Now let’s see how to delete direct messages on Discord. You are not allowed to delete all direct messages in bulk in Discord. But Discord does provide us the option to individually delete a message from any direct messages. But do keep one thing in mind that deleting the message will only remove it from your view, the other person will be still able to see the same. There’s no option in Discord that lets you delete messages from both sender and receiver.

  • Open the Direct Message chat box of the user from where you want to delete messages
  • Find the message you want to delete and click on the three dots icon
  • Now click on the Delete Message button
Delete All Direct Messages on Discord
Delete All Direct Messages on Discord
  • Now a pop will appear asking you to confirm. Just click on the Delete button.
Delete Direct Messages on Discord
Delete Direct Messages on Discord

It will instantly delete the message on Direct Messages from your view. Repeat the same steps for every messages to delete it.

FAQ on Deleting All Messages on Discord

Let’s clear some commonly asked questions on deleting all messages on Discord

Does Discord Come with the Option to Delete All Messages?

Natively Discord does not allow its users to delete messages on the platform. But, with the help of certain Discord bots, we can delete all messages.

Do I Need Admin Privilege to Delete All Messages?

Yes, you should be an admin or owner of the server in order to delete all messages in Discord. It is because only Admins and Owners can add bots to a Discord server. If you are a member of the server, then you have no option to delete messages on Discord

Can I Delete Direct Messages from Both Sides?

No. You can only delete messages from your view. If you delete a message, it will be removed from your chat screen, but the other person will still be able to see the message. There is no feature in Discord that will let you delete messages from both sender’s and receiver’s sides.

Delete All Messages in a Discord Server

The best way to delete all messages from a Discord server is to use a bot like MEE6. MEE6 makes it easy for us to do things like delete all messages, moderate channels, etc. It is good to have MEE6 installed on your server as it offers a variety of other features. Similar to MEE6, you can also use the CleanChat Discord bot as well.

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