10 Best Discord Bots to Power Boost your Server (New)

Discord is one of the most popular chatting platforms for gamers. If you are a gamer, professional gamer or a streamer, then you will understand the importance of Discord to keep in touch with your friends. Discord is highly customizable and you can deploy your own server with add ons that you will need. The whole gaming community knows the importance of using Discord to chat and here we are sharing the list of Best Discord Bots to make your Discord server better and efficient to manage.

Discord Bots are like simple plugins or add ons that you can integrate to your discord server to add extra features and capabilities. There are thousands of different bots to do different work. Life will be so easy with these bots, as they will automate things for you, while you can have a peaceful mind. The highly customizable nature and scalability of Discord are what almost all their users love and here are to find How to Add Bots to Discord.

best discord bots

This is article is going to be a compilation of top and best Discord Bots that you can use right now to enhance your Discord server. Majority of them are 100% FREE and while some of them come with optional premium plans to get most out of it. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dig in and find the Top Discord Bots for your server.

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Best Discord Bots

1. Dyno

The first discord bot in our list is Dyno. I will strongly suggest you to start using Dyna discord bot if you are just getting started with your Discord server. It is like a one-stop dashboard to control the complete server from a centralized admin dashboard with all features that you will ever need. Basically, Dyno is a server moderation Discord Bot that you can use to automate various tasks like airing a special announcement about banning, adding or leaving of group members and important messages, Server management comes to a lot easier if you use Dyno as your Server Management Bot.

dyno discord bot

This particular bot is being used by more than 1.3 million+ active Discord bots and here are the reasons why they opt to go with Dyno. Dyno Bot comes with a feature-rich and customizable dashboard. You can easily on, off, and configure everything right from the user interface, A powerful moderation setup with mod logs, timely mutes, and account ban/anti-spam.

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2. GAwesomeBot

GAwesomeBot is just more than a bot to moderate chats. It’s a true fact that GAwesomeBot can moderate comments and chats and ban, award or add members, too. GAwesomeBot comes with a whole lot of different tools and add ons to enhance your Discord server experience. Apart from the comment moderation and stuff like that, GAwesomeBot can help you in conducting In-chat polls, GAwesomePoints, Kick + ban, Trivia game, Wikipedia, ModLog, Giveaways, Urban Dictionary, To-do list, Member ranks, Weather + Time, Convert units.

gawesome bot for discord

GAwesomeBot can pull out search results from Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Apart from that this bot can even access and pull details from Reddit, too. Currently, GAwesomeBot is in Beta stage and you can expect some sort of bugs and report it to the developers.

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3. MEE6

If you want to set up your own commands to trigger a particular action, you can readily use MEE6 Discord bot. This is a highly customizable Discord Bot with extensive features and auto commands features. The best part is that you can set up your own commands to trigger a particular function. Let’s say that you wanted to create a shortcode to pull up a function, just go to MEE6 settings and create it. Next time onwards when you use the shortcode, the particular task will be executed in no time.

mee6 discord bot

MEE6 comes with powerful Moderation features and also set punishments for people/members who breaks the rules multiple times, You can also create customized welcome messages for every new group members, too. You can add MEE6 free version to your server right no and add the premium MEE6 version to your server by paying a small amount for the subscription.

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4. RED

RED is a highly customizable self-hosted Discord Bot to power boost your Discord Server. This is very similar to the command option that is available in MEE6 bot for Discord. You can set up your own shortcode for different ask and execute it at any time upon calling it. The centralized moderation system and intuitive dashboard make it extremely easy to manage your Server in ease.

red discord bot

As many other bots mentioned in his article, RED is a self-hosted one and you are not required to set up a third-party server for RED. RED Discord bot can also play music from youtube, Soundcloud or even from your own hard drive, you can search for Gif, trivia games, alert messages and a lot more. As add ons, you can configure and use your own custom-built Python scripts from the plugins section.

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5. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is basically a Discord Bot aimed at making Moderation whole lot simple and easy. It can Tailor your Discord experience by adding different Server-Specific Settings and integrating RSS Feeds. Server-Specific Settings with powerful user moderation settings and also different interactive features for your server members.

Tatsumaki discord bot

By enabling some Tatsumaki features, you can let your server members earn XP and Levels with a visually interesting levels system. Reputation is purely based on the upvotes a particular member gets from other users. This is really interesting and makes the user participation even better and interactive.

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6. MeMezBot

This is purely a Funny Discord Bot to make your Members feel chuckled by different memes generated by the MeMezBot Discord bot. MeMezBot is a discord bot that will generate some random Memes based on some random topics. This will let you share some funny and cool memes with your community members to get rid of their boredom.

I don’t know if it makes any sense to some serious Gaming server rooms, but if you want to spice up your conversations then you can surely give it a try.

7. Pancake

Pancake is a multipurpose Discord bot to do effective community moderation, stream music, funny commands a lot more. Pancake is bot is made by JavaScript using the Eris library This is Top Discord Bot is now live on more than 300000+ active servers and users use it for a reason, quality!. Funny commands section includes Akinator, image generation, and reaction images.

pancake bot for discord

Apart from that, the effective Music Player allows you to play music from various sources including YouTube and SoundCloud. Pancake also comes with simple moderation tools, too.

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These are some among the most useful Discord Bots for your server to enhance the performance and user interaction. Majority of the Top Discord Bots mentioned in this article comes with one or another form of interactive feature that will let your server’s conversation moving on. You can add any one of them of your choice for free and get it installed in your Discord server. Be sure to visit this page again to get more updated Discord bots and plugins to enhance your Discord Server.

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