Does Spotify Show When Someone Views Your Profile or Playlist? (We Found!)

Does Spotify Show When Someone Viewed Your Profile or Playlist?

Are you wondering if it’s possible to know if someone viewed your Spotify profile or listened to your playlist? Are you confused if Spotify notifies if you view someone’s profile or listen to their playlist?

Many Spotify users have this question regarding whether or not they can view their Spotify profile viewers or playlist listeners. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions.

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming services, with millions of users all around the globe. Wouldn’t knowing who listens to your playlist or views your profile would be nice?

Let’s see if Spotify notifies you when someone views your profile.

Can I See Who Viewed My Profile on Spotify?

No, Spotify does not let you know who viewed your profile on the platform. Spotify is just a music streaming service and does not have full-fledged social media-like features.

All your profile activities on Spotify are private, and only you can view them.

Spotify allows you to follow other people, and other people can follow you back, just like what we see on Instagram. Similar to Instagram, you can know who follows you and who you are following.

In short, Spotify has no feature that shows who viewed your profile or engaged with your playlist.

The maximum you can know is the number of followers you have and their names on your Spotify profile. Upon clicking the ‘Following’ button underneath your Spotify profile, you can see the list of all people you are following.

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Can I See Who Played My Playlist on Spotify?

Can I See Who Played My Playlist on Spotify?

No. Spotify does not show who played your playlist or who followed your playlist either.

Activities like viewing a person’s profile, playing a playlist, saving a playlist, etc. are considered as private activity, and the same cannot be viewed by anyone other than yourself. In fact, Spotify does not even have a feature that lets you show your profile visitors or playlist listeners.

All that Spotify shows you is the number of followers you have for your Spotify playlist.

For starters, Spotify shows the number of followers for your playlist.

Upon opening your playlist, just beneath the name, you will find the number of people following that particular playlist. This number changes every time someone follow or unfollows your playlist.

Upon tapping the followers’ option, you can see the list of people following your profile.

Does Spotify Notify If I View Other Profiles?

No. Spotify does not notify anyone if you view other people’s profiles.

As mentioned earlier, Spotify is just a music streaming service, and it does not have any feature that notifies when you visit anyone’s profile.

Even many fully-fledged social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook do not have a feature that notify people when you visit their profile. The only platform I can think of having this feature is LinkedIn, which notifies others when you visit their profile.

So if you are skeptical about visiting someone’s Spotify profile because you are worried they will know about it, don’t think twice, just go and visit the profile. The other person won’t know you visited their profile.

While researching this article, I saw many websites recommend using some online tools to find your Spotify profile visitors. But trust me, there isn’t any feature as such, and all these websites claiming to let you know your Spotify profile visitors are 100% fake. So please stay away from them.

Does Spotify Notify If I Listen To Other Playlists?

No. Spotify does not notify anyone when you play other people’s playlists.

One of the incredible features of Spotify is that you can create and share a playlist so that anyone using Spotify can access and listen to the same. Similarly, you can, too, create a playlist and let others enjoy the same.

Underneath each Spotify playlist name, you can find the number of people following it. But if you tap on the followers’ option, it won’t let you know the name of the individual people following it.

So if you are worried that someone will know if you listen to their Spotify playlist, you are wrong. You can go ahead and listen to anyone’s playlist on Spotify without worrying about them knowing about it.

Spotify lets you create public and private playlists. Only public playlists are visible to others.

Can I View Other People’s Spotify Playlist?

Yes, you can view and listen to other people’s public Spotify playlists. In fact, you can even copy and create your version of a public playlist and make it private.

This is one feature that I like a lot about Spotify. Being able to discover new playlist helps me to find new songs to spice up the mood.

To find a new Spotify playlist, use the search option and search for anything.

Select the ‘Playlist’ button from the filter section, and Spotify will list all the playlists for the given search query.

Tap the three dots icon underneath the playlist name and select ‘Add to your library’ to listen to it in the future, or tap the ‘Add to other playlist‘ option to create a new one.

Can I See Who Listened To My Spotify Playlist

No. Spotify does not let you know who listened to your Spotify playlist. Currently, a feature letting you know who listened to your playlist is unavailable.

Also, it is extremely unlikely to see Spotify ever releasing a feature as such.

Can You See Who Liked My Playlist on Spotify?

No. Spotify does not let you know who liked your playlist. You can see the total number of followers for a particular playlist, and that’s it. Spotify does not reveal any more information regarding the followers, not even the names.

How to Secretly Follow Someone’s Playlist on Spotify

Many people do not want to follow a playlist but want to listen to all the songs inside it. For such people, a feature lets you secretly follow someone’s playlist on Spotify and listen to the songs without following it.

As you may already know, Spotify lets you create a copy of a public playlist and make it private so you can only listen to it.

Follow the steps below to add any playlist to your own private playlist.

Open the Spotify app and search for the playlist you want to add to yours.

Once opened, tap the three dots icon underneath the playlist named and tap Add to other playlist.

add to other playlist

From here, select an existing playlist or create a new playlist.

Once done, all the songs in the selected playlist will be added to your existing or newly created playlist.

If you are a frequent Spotify user, don’t forget to check your Spotify stats.

What’s Next?

Spotify is just a music streaming app; it does not let others know if you visit a person’s profile or if someone visits your profile. Similarly, if someone visits your playlist or listens to it, Spotify does not notify you about it either.

Now that it is confirmed that Spotify does not let other people know if you visit anyone’s profile or listen to a playlist, you can listen to your favorite song without a second thought.