What Is Swipe Note On Tinder – Expert Explains

What Is Swipe Note On Tinder

Swipe Note is a new feature added to Tinder to make online dating even great. Many users are excited about the recent change that came to Tinder.

If you’re wondering exactly what Swipe Note on Tinder is, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about a swipe notes, how to get them, and how to use swipe notes on Tinder.

Until now, users were only allowed to message each other once matched. Tinder didn’t give users any option to send a message before accepting the match request.

Meet Swipe Note, a cool feature on Tinder that will help you send messages even before matching and increase the likelihood of getting matched.

I know you will have many questions about Swipe Note and how it works. I will explain all of that below.

What Is A Swipe Note On Tinder?

Swipe Note on Tinder is an option that lets users send messages even before getting matched. You can now send a message by attaching a note to every Super Like you send. The option is only available for Tinder Platinum users.

One way of increasing the probability of you matching with someone on Tinder is to impress them immediately. Swipe Note allows you to do just that.

In simple terms, a swipe note is a message you can send along with Super like. On the other end, the person will see your message as well as Super like status.

As per Tinder, attaching a swipe note to every super like you send increases your matchmaking probability by up to 25 percent.

You may use the note option on Super like to send anything you like, including complimenting their photos, opening lines, and more.

If you want to increase your chances of getting matched with a person, then swipe note is something you need to use immediately.

Since it is a custom message option, you may write and send whatever you want to.

Keep in mind that Swipe Note has a maximum limit of 140 characters.

How To Send Swipe Note On Tinder?

I’m sure you are very excited to send your first Swipe Note on Tinder.

So, let’s see how to send a Swipe Note on Tinder.

Before going any further, let me tell you a few things.

Firstly, swipe note is a feature available only on the Tinder platinum subscription.

You can’t subscribe to Tinder platinum directly. First, you need to be a Tinder Gold or Tinder Pro member to upgrade to Tinder Platinum.

So if you are a Tinder Platinum user, follow the steps below to send your first Swipe Note.

  • Open Tinder and select a profile to which you want to send a swipe note
  • Tap the Super Like icon (A blue star)
  • You will now find an option to attach a text or send a like.
  • Tap on it and enter any custom message of your choice. The swipe note you send must be 140 characters or less.
  • Tap the send button.

You have successfully sent a super like and Swipe Note with your custom message.

What Happens When You Send A Swipe Note?

Send Swipe Notes on Tinder

Now that you sent your first swipe note, you might wonder what the other person will see on their Tinder app.

As soon as you send your super like with a swipe note, the other person will get to see your custom message.

The key here is that the other person has seen your message even without matching in the first place.

So, in short, swipe note increases the probability of you getting matched with a person by at least 25%.

How To Get Swipe Note On Tinder?

As mentioned earlier, Swipe Note is not available to every Tinder user. It won’t be available to you even if you are a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus member.

Swipe note is a unique feature only available to Tinder Platinum users.

What’s more interesting is that you can’t buy a Tinder platinum subscription directly. You can only upgrade from a plus or gold subscription.

Let me explain it in simple terms for you.

To upgrade to a Tinder platinum subscription, you must be a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus member.

Upgrade To Tinder Platinum,

If you are all set, let’s upgrade to Tinder Platinum to access swipe notes instantly.

Open the Tinder app and tap on your profile icon.

Head to Settings and find the option – Get Tinder Gold or Get a Tinder Platinum button.

Now complete the payment to upgrade to Tinder Platinum. Once upgraded, you will get instant access to swipe notes.

If you have been a regular Tinder user without any subscription, then you might be thinking, I should pay for the Tinder Gold or Plus and Tinder platinum to get Swipe Notes.

Well, you only need to pay for Tinder Platinum.

Let’s see how it works.

You must first pay for your Tinder Gold or Plus subscription.

Once you are a Tinder Gold or Plus subscriber, you will get an option to upgrade to Tinder Platinum.

Head to Tinder app Settings and tap Get Tinder Platinum.

Now you will need to pay for Tinder Platinum. Complete the payment.

Once upgraded as a Tinder Platinum member, Tinder will issue a refund for the remaining time you had left on the previous Tinder subscription.

Once the payment is processed successfully on your iPhone, you will be upgraded as a Tinder Platinum user within 24 hours. The upgrade will take a little time if you are an Apple user.

On the other hand, Android users will be instantly upgraded to Tinder Platinum. You will find the same on your Google Play Store account.

In short, you will only pay the price difference between your previous and new subscriptions.

Not just on the app, you can also upgrade to Tinder Platinum via Tinder web.

Tinder Platinum

Tinder platinum is the top-tier plan which costs you $19.99 a month. Tinder platinum has some super cool features that are unavailable on subscriptions, including Gold and Plus.

Let’s see some of the highlighted features on Tinder platinum.

  • Message before matching
  • Prioritized likes
  • See the likes you have sent over the last seven days.

Tinder platinum is an upgrade-only subscription. You can only upgrade to platinum if you are an existing Tinder Gold or Plus member.

Should I Use Swipe Note on Tinder?

Now that you know everything about swipe notes on Tinder, you might be wondering if you should use them or if they are good enough.

Is swipe note good boil down to the preferences of each individual. Some may like it, while others may not find it that interesting.

But from a broader perspective, swipe notes on Tinder is a cool feature that most users will love.

With swipe notes, you now get an option to let the other person know why you should match with them in the first place.

As you might already know, Tinder does not provide any option where you can send messages before matching. Only if you match with a person can you send a message to them and chat.

With the introduction of swipe notes, things have changed drastically. Tinder now allows you to send messages even without matching.

You get another point to impress the other person, so they swipe right.

If you use Swipe Notes correctly, you could increase your probability of matching with the said person.

How Many Swipe Notes Can I send?

There is no limit on the number of swipe notes you can send on Tinder. A swipe note is a custom message you can send along with a super like.

As long as you can send a super like, you’ll also be able to send swipe notes.

According to the Tinder subscription tiers, you will get about five super likes per week. So you can send five swipe notes weekly or 20 swipe notes monthly.

If you use Tinder heavily, then the number might seem a little low. So be cautious and careful when using swipe notes because they are very limited.

Tinder platinum members get five super likes and five swipe notes weekly or 20 swipe notes monthly.

What To Write In A Swipe Note?

If this is your first time using a swipe note on Tinder, you will have many questions about what to include in it.

You can include anything and everything that you want to say to the respective person. You only need to be concerned about the 140 characters limit. So you must ensure your Swipe Note is less than 140 characters long.

You may include messages complimenting the other person or talk about your common interests, hobbies, etc.

It’s very essential that you go through the other person’s Tinder profile and bio once. Grab some clues from there and then use those points while you send a Swipe Note.

You may also send the Swipe Note with a question so the other person might reply back ,and then you can continue your conversation.

Be sure to make your Swipe Note catchy so that the other person will be impressed and message you right back.

Can I Send Super Like Without Swipe Notes?

Yes. You can still send super like without any custom messages included.

Swipe notes are optional messages that you can include with a super like. It’s totally up to you whether you want to have a swipe note.

The blue star button works the same way it used to do in the past. It’s just that now it has a new feature that lets you add custom messages.

Adding or not adding swipe notes does not affect the way the super like works.

Are Swipe Notes Free

Since you should be a Tinder platinum user to get access to swipe notes, we can consider swipe notes not free.

Tinder platinum costs you $19.99 monthly, and you’ll get 20 swipe notes monthly.

So if you do the math, swipe notes cost you about a dollar each.

Yes, Swipe Notes are expensive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding swipe notes on Tinder.

What is swipe night on Tinder mean?

Swipe notes are custom messages that you can send to a person on Tinder even before matching. You can type a custom message less than 140 characters long and send it along with Super Like.

Do swipe notes cost money?

Swipe notes are only available with the Tinder Platinum subscription. A tinder platinum subscription costs $19.99 per month and gives you five super likes and five weekly swipe notes. So if you do the math, you will get about 20 swipe notes a month.

In short, each swipe note costs you a dollar.

Is Tinder Platinum worth buying?

It is a subjective question. It depends on how far you go with Tinder. If you want access to exclusive features like a super like, swipe notes, one free boost a month, prioritized likes, see the likes you have sent over the last seven days, etc., then you must get Tinder Platinum.

Or if you’re here on Tinder for just a time pass, then you won’t need Tinder Platinum.

Wrapping Up: Swipe Notes

Swipe Note is an incredible new feature on Tinder that lets you message a person even before matching. The main idea behind the swipe note is to send custom messages with Super like.

With the help of swipe notes, you can increase the probability of getting matched with a person on Tinder.

I found swipe notes extremely useful for Tinder users.

Swipe notes are expensive. It costs one dollar for each swipe note. So make sure you use it with caution.

Write some catchy custom message and make the person fall for you when they read your swipe note.