What Does ETA Mean On Life360? Explained – 2024

What Does ETA Mean On Life360?

Life360 app comes with a host of features that help you track the real-time location of everyone in a given circle.

Some options and features on the Life360 app can be confusing. One such thing that is confusing for many is ETA in Life360.

In this article, let’s discuss what ETA mean on life360 and other essential things you should know about Life360 ETA.

Life360 ETA Meaning

ETA on Life360 means Estimated Time of Arrival. It is a handy feature in Life360 that allows anyone to know the arrival time of a person part of a circle at a particular location.

Let’s understand ETA on Life360 with the help of an example.

Let’s say Bob and you are part of a Life360 circle.

Bob is coming home from his workplace. To find out when Bob will arrive home, you may open the Life360 app, select the circle and tap on the ETA option for Bob.

eta on life360

The ETA option will show you the approximate time Bob will be home.

ETA takes into account a lot of factors like the current speed of Bob, traffic conditions, and other GPS data to determine the same.

Do keep in mind that ETA feature will not work if Life360 app says last updated 2 hours ago, the phone is turned off or does not have network access, or if the ghost mode is enabled.

How Is ETA on Life360 Helpful?

The ETA or estimated time of arrival on Life360 helps you know the approximate time by which a person reaches a particular location. This feature will be extremely handy when you want to know the current location of a person and the time by which they will reach a particular location.

If you are a parent and your children go to school, you can know the time by when they will be back home in the evening by referring to the ETA section on the Life360 app.

How Does Life360 ETA Work?

A lot of you may wonder how exactly the ETA feature on Life360 work. How is the app able to know the estimated arrival time of a person?

Life360 uses a combination of data to conclude when a person will arrive at a particular destination and calculate the ETA.

The estimated time of arrival is calculated using the current GPS location of the person, the traffic condition, the speed at which their vehicle is traveling, and weather conditions like rain or snow, if any.

By processing all these above-mentioned data, Life360 calculates the ETA and displays the same in the Life360 app.

If your Life360 app is not sending notifications, here is a guide to fix the same.

Wrap Up

In short, the ETA on the Life360 app means the estimated time of arrival. ETA on Life360 lets you know when a person will reach a certain place and how long it will take.

This feature can be extremely helpful when you want to know when your kids, spouse or friends will reach their home or workplace.

Location access is mandatory for ETA on Life360 to work properly.