7 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students

textsheet alternatives

Textsheet is an online educational platform that serves tons of study materials and other useful resources for students to do their assignments and homework. As you all know, Textsheet was taken down by copyright claims by Chegg. Today, in this article you will find sites like Textsheet that will help every student to access a Textsheet like a website for their homework. As Textsheet shutdown, we have compiled a list of Best Textsheet alternatives that will work just like Textsheet helping you do assignments, homework, and college projects for FREE.

Textsheet was one of the best one-stop solutions for millions of students for getting free study materials. It was really useful for them and millions of students were already using Textsheet for learning. If you do not already know what is Textsheet, then it is a free edu website where students can find articles, essays, books, projects, assignments, resources to do homework, etc for FREE. Textsheet was actually using Chegg API to serve all the content on its website. This literally means that all the contents that you see in Textsheet are not owned by them instead they were using the API on their website to publish contents for free on Textsheet.

textsheet alternatives

Millions of students were already making use of this platform and all of a sudden Chegg came up with a copyright claim. It turns out that everything is true and Textsheet was forced to shut down. The copyright claim by Chegg was processed and then Textsheet was closed forever. A similar site called litanswers was also shut down. Textsheet was 100% FREE and you are not required to pay anything. But as now it is closed, people were looking for some alternatives.

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Why Sites like Textsheet?

The main reason why people started looking for Textsheet alternative is that it was 100% free and safe. But no other website was available that provides contents for free. Websites like Chegg are paid services and lots of students were not able to afford it. So, people started looking for quality sites like textsheet.com that is FREE. Finding a site that is FREE and at the same time serve high-quality content was a pain. But, we luckily managed to find some of them and you can find it below.

Best Textsheet Alternatives in [year]

Here, I am listing my top 5 picks for the same. If I find any new site then I will make sure to update the article with the latest info.

1. Course Hero

coursehero textsheet alternative

Course Hero is the number one free alternative to Textsheet. As of writing this article, CourseHero is already having 30 million+ study materials for all students from different parts of the world. The numbers are just so huge and the best part is that you can get access to all these study materials for free. You can get answers for your homework in about 15 minutes as per them. You can search for anything in the search box and it will fetch the materials for you. 24/7 Homework Help will let you type your question in the field provided and they will show the answers real quick. Their website interface is modern and looks clean and good. You can even search for something by adding filters like Course, Subject, School/College/University and get customized helping study materials. And this is my top pick for best Textsheet and Chegg alternative which is 100% free.

You can practice different types of problems within their website and take part in mock tests also. Furthermore, their expert tutors will help you to solve your homework or assignments related problems and their service is really great. For even personalized experience, you can even select the college you are in getting materials based on that. Overall a good website for students to obtain study resources for free.


2. StudyLib

studylib textsheet alternative

If you are looking for essays, homework helps, flashcards, research papers, assignments, project support materials, etc then StudyLib is great for you. Studylib is an online library of an endless collection of different resources that will help you in your academics. You can literally search for anything and find quality materials for free. Whether you want resources related to Maths, Science, Social Science, Business, etc Studylib got you covered. You can even find content related to foreign languages which makes it simple for language learners to study and catch up with things more quickly. It is a community supported website and you can also upload your own contents to the websites to help others.

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All the materials on the website are uploaded by someone and you can access it for free. You can even save it on your device for future reference. You can upload your own flashcards, documents, essay paper and lot more on the website. Everything is Free and always will be. The website also contains a built-in grammar checker which you can use to proofread your contents before making the final draft. This way you can check for spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical mistakes, etc.


3. Slader


Slader is yet another top-notch education resource website for students. Like Studylib and Course Hero the UI of the website is really good, so are the contents. Anything from Maths problems to textbook solutions, you can find it here in slader and get it for free. It contains contents from all categories like upper-level maths, science, social science, literature, and English, etc. Like Studylib you can even find foreign languages study materials like French, German, Spanish and more.

On the homepage itself, you will be presented with a search box that you can use to search for anything. Whether it be a simple question or a textbook, do the search and slader will return you some materials that will be helpful for you. The detailed explanation and step by step problem-solving tips are what I like the most on the website. Slader will be a gem for people who are looking for maths-related problem-solving website.


4. Crazy for Study

crazy for study

Crazy for Study is an Online Assignment and Solution Manual website with more than 50 million questions and answers on the website. Whatever be your question, you can find step by step solutions manual for every question. If you do not understand how a step works during problem-solving you can refer to the manual and get detailed insights into solving the problem and this way you are left with no doubts at all. They have a powerful Homework Q&A section which you can make use to get your homework done in minutes. Their library is already big and vast, but if you are not able to find the question you are looking for, just fill in the question and wait. Someone will come in help for the same and you can get your query solved real quick.

They also have a paid assignment service that you can use for college and university assignments and projects. You can pay 50% of the amount upfront and get the work done and pay the remaining amount only if you are satisfied with the results. This is also a nice add on option that is available in Crazy for Study. This particular website covers a number of topics like Physics, Maths, Science, Social Science, Biology, Marketing, Finance, etc in a detailed manner.


5. Chegg

chegg textsheet alternative

Yes, you heard it right. Chegg! Chegg is the most popular website that distributes study materials across the globe. And yes this is the website that proceeded with a copyright claim on Textsheet. But what not a lot of people still know is that Textsheet was actually using a Chegg API to server contents on their website. That means all the contents that you see on Textsheet are scrapped from Chegg.com and are freely distributed on Textsheet. The main reason a lot of students avoid using Chegg is that it is paid. You need to pay to use their service. But needless to say, their services are best in class and the best-paid study materials resources website on the planet.

We have already shared some methods to get Premium Chegg Account for Free, so if you are someone who doesn’t have enough money to spend for this then you can make use of this article and get all their paid services for free. So, in short, it can be called as a paid alternative to Textsheet.


6. PaperHelp


PaperHelp is a little different from other services in the list. PaperHelp will be extremely useful for all PhD students who have to deal with long research papers and essays. For some reason, if you can’t write long form content then PaperHelp got your back. It is a premium service where you can specify your requirements and get the work done at a nominal fee. PaperHelp also comes with a refund option which you can use if you are not happy about the content you received.

PaperHelp will be very useful for high school, college, university and PhD students for sure.


7. SparkNotes


If you are mainly into Arts and Literature subjects then SparkNotes is a must use. It contains notes and study materials of various plays, poems, stories, and more. Not just art and literature subjects, you could find notes for other subjects including biology, computer science, chemistry, etc.

There are questions and answers, teaching guides, full texts that you can use from SparkNotes. Also, keep an eye on the blog section of SparkNotes where they share tons of Quizzes as well.


Final Words

These are some great Textsheet like websites that will let you access study materials for free. There are hundreds of websites on the Internet providing study materials for students. But finding one that is Free is a little bit of a tough task. You can go through the list above and get your materials for free. For some reason, if you were not able to find your required resource on a website mentioned above then make sure you search it on another website, too. Definitely, these websites will be a perfect replacement for Textsheet and you can get your Homeworks and assignments done for free.