How to Change the Prefix of Rythm Bot and MEE6 Bot for Discord

Rythm bot and MEE6 bot are two powerful bots available for Discord. At the time of writing this article, the MEE6 bot is active on more than 12 million+ servers while the Rythm bot is active on more than 16 million+ servers all across the globe.

If you are someone who uses both the MEE6 bot and Rythm bot then you might be facing issues with the prefix. As both the bots uses ! prefix, it might cause conflicts and makes things not work. If you are in this kind of situation then this article is here to help you.

Change prefix of MEE6 and Rythm bot

About Rythm Bot and MEE6 Bot

Rythm bot for Discord is the most popular music-playing bot for Discord. The higher number of active server installs itself shows how popular and effective this bot is. With Rythm bot, you will be able to play songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc directly on your Discord server without having the need to leave Discord.

On the other hand, MEE6 is yet another powerful bot for Discord that comes with tons of features. If you are a Discord server admin or owner then managing the server with a huge number of members can be a pain. This is where moderation bots like MEE6 come into play. MEE6 is not just a moderation bot for Discord. It also is a music bot and comes with some other cool features as well. MEE6 Commands and custom commands make it easy to use the bot on Discord for various purposes.

Why Change the Prefix of MEE6 bot or Rythm Bot?

The default prefix of both Rythm bot and MEE6 bot is ! (exclamation mark). Since both of them have the same prefix (other Discord bots have the same prefix as well), it might create conflicts between both and make things not work. So changing the prefix of any one of the bots will save us in this situation.

Both Rythm bot and MEE6 bot let us change the prefix. But the thing is you have to be a premium subscriber to do it on MEE6 bot. But when it comes to Rythm bot, you could change the prefix even in the free version.

If you are not a Premium MEE6 user then you are advised to change the prefix of Rythm bot and keep the prefix of MEE6 as it is.

How to Change the Prefix of Rythm Bot

At first, let’s see how to change the Rythm bot prefix on Discord. If you do not have a MEE6 premium subscription then you will have to follow the steps given below. Or else if you already have a MEE6 premium subscription then you can change it on MEE6.

Note: In order to change Rythm’s prefix, you must have the Admin or Manage Server permission.

Step 1: First of all, open the Discord server in which Rythm bot is active.

Step 2: Type and send @Rythm in the chatbox to get the current prefix that you are using. If you haven’t changed it ever, then by default, it will be !.

Step 3: Use the below given command to change the prefix of Rythm bot to your desired prefix. You can set any prefix of your choice like -,%,$,*, etc.

Follow the example and screenshot to get more ideas regarding the same.

!settings prefix $

In the above given command, replace ! with your current prefix and $ sign with the prefix that you want to change to.

Change Rythm Prefix
Change Rythm Prefix
Credits: Rythm

Hit enter and the Rythm bot will reply telling that the Prefix was set to your desired option.

This is how we change the Rythm bot’s prefix on Discord. Follow the same methods to change the prefix on Discord’s app as well.

How to Change MEE6 Bot Prefix?

Now let’s see how to change the prefix of the MEE6 bot. Make sure that you have the premium subscription of MEE6.

If you haven’t already subscribed to their premium plan, then head over to MEE6’s dashboard and click on the Upgrade to Premium button. Complete the payment process to upgrade to MEE6 Premium.

Upgrade to MEE6 Premium
Upgrade to MEE6 Premium

Once the MEE6 Premium subscription is active, follow the steps given below to change the prefix.

  • Open MEE6 Deshboard
  • Select your server in which you want to change the prefix
  • From the option on the left side, click on Settings
MEE6 Settings
MEE6 Settings
  • Scroll down a bit to find the option called Commands. Under the Commands option, you will find Commands Prefix. By default, it will be set as !. Just enter any new command prefix of your choice.
Change Prefix of MEE6 Bot for Discord
Change Prefix of MEE6 Bot for Discord

Now you have successfully changed the prefix of MEE6 bot for Discord.

Change Discord Bot Prefixes

There are tons of bots available for Discord and a majority of them come with the same prefix. The same prefix can cause issues and might conflict with other bots used on your server. Not all bots come with the option to change the prefix but thankfully both MEE6 and Rythm bot comes with the option to change the Prefix.

Next time, if you happen to install a Discord bot where the prefix is the same, try referring to the documentation to see how to change the prefix of the bot.

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