40 Best MEE6 Bot Commands List & How to Use Them?

The ultimate list of MEE6 Commands

MEE6 is one of the best Discord bots out there. It combines the power of multiple bots to make your life as a Discord server moderator or owner painless and simple. There are certain commands that you can use on MEE6 to control the bot. These MEE6 commands come super useful when you want to execute certain actions.

With the help of MEE6 Commands, you are not required to log in to the MEE6 dashboard every time to do something. MEE6 offers both pre-built commands as well as custom commands. With the custom commands option, you can create your own set of custom commands and use the same on your server.

In this article, let’s take a look at all the major MEE6 Bot Commands that you should use to get the most out of the MEE6 bot for Discord.

MEE6 Commands

Best MEE6 Commands

Below, you will find the list of best MEE6 Commands categorized into different sections. So you can go through the list and find the one that you are looking for. If this is your first time, then it is advised to go through all the commands to get yourself used to MEE6 Bot.

All the commands in MEE6 start with the ! prefix. That means, in order to execute a MEE6 command on Discord, you will have to type ! before the command. For example, the command to play music is play. You will have to type it as !play in order to execute it as a MEE6 Command.

MEE6 also gives us the option to change the prefix ! to something else. We will discuss more in the latter part of the article. Now, let’s take a look at the top MEE6 Commands for Discord.

MEE6 Moderation Commands

MEE6 is a powerful moderation bot available for Discord. It will help you easily warn, ban, unban users from the server. If you are a server admin or owner then you will find the below-given commands useful for server moderation. You are not required to use any other plugins for this purpose.


This command can be used if a member has violated any of the server rules and guidelines. Additionally, you may also leave a reason why they are warned as well. If you use the leveling system of MEE6 on your server then it will negatively affect their ranking.

Format – !warn @username reason


Ban a user on Discord
Ban a user on Discord

This MEE6 Command is used to ban a user from the server. If you have the admin or owner privilege then you can execute this command on your server. If some members are not sticking to the server rules and guidelines, you might want to remove them to keep the server clean. You may use this command to remove anyone from the server. Once banned, they won’t be able to send or receive any new messages on the server.

Format – !ban @username


You can use this command to temporarily ban someone from the server for a specified amount of time. The time can vary anywhere between a couple of minutes to a couple of days. All you have to do is use the command and make sure to specify how long the ban should be enforced

Format – !tempban @usernmae 12h 30m


As opposed to !ban command, the !unban command is used to remove the ban or unban someone from the server. If you want to bring some members back, who were banned previously, then you may use this command.

Format – !unban @username


The !mute command will basically block the user from replying to any messages on the user. The thing is, the user will be able to see all the messages and activities happening on the server, but won’t be able to reply to them.

Format – !mute @username


Similar to a temporary ban, you may also temporarily mute users on your server. In order to temporarily mute someone on the server, use the !tempmute command. You may also specify the duration as well.

Format – !tempmute @username 1hr 00m


Similar to !unban, !unmute command is used to unmute someone from the server. After executing this command, the user will be able to reply to messages and send new messages on the server.

Format – !unmute @username


Kick a User on Discord
Kick a User on Discord

For some reason, if you want to remove a user from your server then you have to use the !kick MEE6 Command. After the repeated violation of server rules and guidelines, you might want to kick someone out from the server. This command will be useful in such situations.

Format – !kick @username


This MEE6 command is used to get complete details about a user. Here are all the details that you can upon executing this command:

  • Discord joining date
  • Server joining date
  • Role
  • Permissions
  • Warnings
  • Ban history

Format – !user-info @username


This command is used to find the details regarding a particular role on the server. It will list out details like the permissions, number of users, etc.

Format – !role-info [role-name]


Discord Server Info
Discord Server Info

Similar to role info, this command is used to pull up details regarding the server itself.

Format – !server-info [server name]


This MEE6 command is used to get the list of all past infractions by a user in Discord. Things like warnings, ban history, mute history, etc will be displayed. The details will be categorized into three-time frames including the last 24hrs, 1 week, and all time.

Format – !infractions @username


Clear All Infractions
Clear All Infractions

As the name itself indicates, this command is used to remove or clear all the infractions of a user. You have to specify the username of the member along with the command.

Format – !clear-all-infractions @username

These are all the main moderation commands available on the MEE6 bot. If you want, you have the option to create your own set of moderation commands as well.

MEE6 Music Commands

MEE6 bot comes with options that are available on Rythm bot like the ability to play music on the server from third-party websites like YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. There are certain music commands that you can use to play and control music on the server.


Play Command on MEE6
Play Command on MEE6

First up is the play command that is used to play music on the server. After the !play command, you have to either mention the name of the music or a link to the music itself. For example, if you are about to play music from YouTube then just mention the video link after the play command.

Format – !play https://youtube.com/watch=XXXXXX


You may use the seek command if you want to directly jump to a specific time of the song. You may mention the timestamp along with the command to directly play music from that point onwards.

Format – !seek 1m50s


The add command is used to add more songs to the current queue.

Format – !add name or URL


To skip to the next music on the queue.

Format – !skip


To play the previous song on the queue.

Format – !previous


To clear all the music added to the current queue and start over again.


To conduct a vote to skip the currently playing song.

Format – !vote-skip

!start-quiz and !stop-quiz

Did you know that you can conduct a music-based quiz on your server? The quiz will contain questions like the album name, artist name, etc. Members earn points based on the number of correct answers. Once done, you may use !stop-quiz command to instantly stop the quiz.

Format – !start-quiz and !stop-quiz

MEE6 Search Commands

There are certain search commands on MEE6 that you can use directly use to search on third-party websites like YouTube, Twitch, etc. These commands will help you to search for things like videos, music, GIFs, etc without having the need to leave Discord.


Imgur Search Command on MEE6
Imgur Search Command on MEE6

Directly search for images or memes on Imgur from Discord itself.

Format – !imgur [search query]


To search for a video on YouTube. The same will be shared on the channel so that everyone can watch it.

Format – !youtube [search query]


To search for Twitch streams.

Format – !twitch [search query]


Search for various animes

Format – !anime [search query]


Search for Manga shows

Format – !manga [search query]


Search for a pokemon show

Format – !pokemon [search query]


To search for an Urban slang

Format – !urban [search query]

Birthday Commands

These sets of commands will let you get information regarding the birthday details of members on the server.


To find the birthday of a particular user on the server. Just execute the command by mentioning the name of the user to find the birthday.

Format – !birthday @username


To find out the list of 10 next members having birthdays.


To remember your birthday on the server. You may mention the date along with the command to save it

Format – !remember-birthday 12-10


If you already added your birthday to the server, then you may use this command to delete your birthday details from the server.


Use this command to add a different user’s birthday to the server

MEE6 Level Commands

As you might already know, MEE6 has a leveling system where it ranks and rewards a user based on their activity, milestone completion, etc. Here are some commands related to Levels in MEE6.


Access MEE6 Leaderboard
Access MEE6 Leaderboard

Generate the link to the leaderboard of the server.


To get complete rank details.

!rank @user

Rank Details of a User on Discord
Rank Details of a User on Discord

To find the rank of a particular user on the server

Format – !rank @username


To give points to a particular user on the server (Admin). This is a MEE6 Premium command

Format – !give-xp @username


To remove points of a particular user on the server (Admin)

Format – !remove-xp @username

Custom Commands

Apart from these built-in commands, MEE6 also lets you create custom commands as well. For example, you can create a command to execute a specific function on your server. If you want to create custom commands on your server then follow this guide on creating custom MEE6 Commands for Discord.

How to Change the Prefix of Commands in MEE6?

Sometimes the ! prefix might be in use by other bots or you want to change the ! prefix of MEE6 bot for some reason. Well, MEE6 gives you the option to change the prefix for commands. But the thing is that this feature is only available for Premium MEE6 users.

So, in order to change the command prefix on MEE6, you will have to subscribe to their premium plan.

All you have to do is log in to your MEE6 Dashboard and click on the Upgrade to Premium button. Complete the subscription payment and you will be given the option to change the command prefix in MEE6/

MEE6 Premium
MEE6 Premium

Use Commands on MEE6

Using commands on MEE6 bots make your life easy by automating a lot of things and helps you in better managing the server. I have already installed the MEE6 bot on my server and it is definitely helpful for every server owners out there. If you are a server owner of admin then you should definitely check out MEE6 Command for various purposes.