Discord IP Resolver: How to Find Someone’s IP From Discord

Are you trying to find someone’s IP from Discord? At first, it seems like something that is impossible but incorrect. There are quite a lot of ways to find someone’s IP on Discord.

Discord is a secure platform that doesn’t leak the information of its users. Though however secure it might be there are ways to find IP addresses from this platform. But to do that you need to know the ways or methods by following which you can extract someone’s IP from Discord. In this post, we will provide you with all the methods following which you can get that done.

Discord IP Resolver

How to Find Someone’s IP From Discord?

There are quite a few methods by following which you can get other IPs from Discord. Only some of those methods do actually work and are easy to use. Well, those easy methods have been provided below.

Method 1: Discord IP Resolver

This is a new tool that uses new technologies to get IP addresses through decryption and extraction. The AI algorithms in the app can swiftly adjust to the user’s location. Here is how you can use this and get someone’s IP from Discord.

  • First of all, copy the Discord ID of the user. To do that you can just go to any server and search with \@yourusername.
  • Now, find the Discord Settings on your system and click on Advanced under App Settings.
How to Find Someone's IP From Discord
  • Click on Developer Mode.
Copy IP From Discord
  • Afterward, go to a server and right-click on the name of the person whose IP you want to find.
  • Choose Copy ID from the drop-down list.
copy discord IP
  • Click Here to go to the Discord IP Resolver website.
use discord IP resolver
  • Paste the copied ID on the necessary field and click on Resolve.

After that, you will get the IP address of the person whose ID you had copied.

Method 2: Discord IP Grabber

There are quite a lot of IP-grabbing programs out there and you can just Google search any of those. We recommend Grabify, as this is an excellent program that allows you to copy Discord IDs with ease. Here is how you can use these.

  • You need to get the user’s Discord Address. To get the user’s discord address you can read how to get the discord address.
  • After you have the discord address, you need to paste it into the relevant field on the Grabify website.
  • Now click on Create URL. A URL will be created and Grabify will also provide you with a Tracking Code.
use Grabify IP grabber
  • This will generate a URL and you need to send it to the user and also make sure that the user clicks on it.
  • After the user has/had clicked on the URL, you can use the Tracking Code to find the user’s IP address.
use grabify to get discord IP

This is quite easy but the main part is about the user clicking on the URL. The tool will provide you with quite a lot of analytic information too.

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Method 3: Protocol Analyzer

A Protocol Analyzer is something that can make good VoIP analysis and also provide live analysis. There is a protocol analyzer called Wireshark that can help you in finding someone’s Discord IP. This is a bit complicated in comparison to other methods. Here is how you can use it.

  • Go to Wireshark and download the program and then install it.
download and install wireshark
  • After the installation part, you need to just explore the Wireshark to understand the tracking functions.
  • Login to your Discord and start talking to the person whose IP you want to copy.
  • Search for Discord in the search bar of Wireshark.
  • Now look at the incoming packages and search for them with their username. Just enter the name in the search bar of the Wireshark app and you will be able to find the IP.

The Wireshark App when used provides quite a lot of information and allows you to track anything. It will provide you with all the information your system is sending to other websites. This information also includes Discord and all the information related to it.

While using Wireshark, you will be able to see TCP, UTP Protocols, etc. This also allows you to filter packages and check all information on them.

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It’s very unethical to check or find someone else’s Discord IP without their permission and you should always refrain from doing that. The same thing could happen to you but you can take measures to block all of that. Measures such as using a VPN, which changes your IP address and lets your browse the Internet without any worries.

You can also avoid clicking on links sent by unknown people as those will most likely lead to something like this or worse. We hope this post about how to find someone’s IP from Discord has been of help to you.