7 Best Discord Voice Changer Apps to Use Right Now

Discord is, ultimately, the best gaming chat service used by Gamers all across the globe. Discord will help you to do voice and as well as text chatting and make the conversation much simple and easy. A lot of people use Voice Changer for Discord to change voice for some reason. The ability to use custom plugins and addons on Discord makes it everyone’s favorite and here in this article, you will find a list of Discord Voice Changer to smoothly change your real voice with system generated one.

Earlier, I shared a list of Best Discord Bots to effectively manage your server and here in this article its all for Voice Changer for Discord. There are multiple voices changing plugins for Discord and finding a good one is a little lit bit tough task. Some change the voice considering the privacy while others do it for fun purpose, whatever be the case, go ahead and install a Discord Voice Changer and see the effect.

best discord voice changer

Best Voice Changer for Discord

Here is the best Discord Voice Changer apps list. The list includes apps that work only with Discord and others that work other platforms like WhatsApp and Skype.

1. VoiceMod

voicemod for discord

Voicemod is an ultimate cross-platform Voice Changer not just for Discord but also for VRChat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype & CSGO. There are tons of different voice mods to choose from and Ruby, Santa, Second Life, Sleepyhead are some of the most highlighted mods of all time. Voicemod comes with ultra-low latency making the voice transfer seamless and the realtime effect is also great. You can select the voice of your choice from their gallery and start using it in a click. Whether you are looking for a stranger, robotic, girl, female, male, child, baby, etc sound, then Voicemod got you covered.

It is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Voice Mod is also having some famous Android Apps and a dedicated standalone application for Windows and Linux is brewing up. Go ahead, install Voicemod in Discord and see the effect instantly. The realtime conversion is super fast and lag-free.

Voicemod for Discord

2. ClownFish

clown fish for discord

ClownFish is a system-level voice changer software that will change all the voice that is being sent into the microphone. The voice that is received by the mic is directly sent to Clownfish client and after that, it is processed and transmitted to other applications like Discord. Not just Discord, whatever be the application, like, Steam, Skype, Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble, the voice in all these will get converted into the modified sound from Clownfish.

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AlienAtariCloneMutationFast MutationSlow MutationMale pitchSilence are some most popular sounds in the software. You are not required to install any plugin to Discord, in order to use it. Instead, install the application to your OS and then control it from there. The sound collection is a little bit low when compared with Voicemod, but overall a good Discord Voice Changer.

Clownfish Voice Changer

3. AV Voice Changer

av voice changer discord

If you are looking for an advanced Voice Changing Application with advanced controls and features then AV Voice Changer is something that you should consider. With this software, you can easily configure, setup and modify voice to match your needs and requirements. This software comes with a built-in editor which will let you edit the audio in the next level. As this is advanced software, it only comes as a premium package. There are three different packages to choose from. Basic, Gold, and Diamond are three different packages that are currently available.

After installing the software, an Audio adapter called Avsoft Virtual Audio will be installed. Now, open the target software and change the Audio input adapter to Avsoft Audio and you are all good to go. AV Voice Changer is the Best performed voice morphing algorithm with Natural voice qualities.

AV Voice Changer

4. Voxal Voice Changer

voxal voice changer

Voxal Voice Changer for Discord is another system-level Voice Changing application change realtime voice on different applications and Games. As said earlier, the voice from the microphone will be sent to the Voxal client and then it is processed and sent to other software using the same adapter. It ha a huge library of Voice effects, sound mods, and editing tools to make your voice loom apart. Whether you are looking for an alien sound or baby sound, Voxal got you covered.

You can download the setup file for free and as of now, it is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is not yet available for many Linux distros. Realtime editing works well with almost all applications like Discord Skype, CSGO, steam games and more. Be sure to check it out.

Voxal Voice Changer

5. MorphVox Jr

MorphVOX voice changer-for-discord

It is a little different from any other application mentioned in this article. First-time configuration and setup will be a little hard but after that everything should run quite smoothly. You can set your voice, mod, and do a little bit of editing for better results. Even the software will analyze your voice and set up optimum configurations so that you get better results without much work.

The User Interface is not modern or interactive but the software does the job quite well and you will be satisfied with the result. Again, this is a system-wide application and you need to select the correct adapter from the Audio source. Not just discord, but it will work with any other third-party applications, too. You can download it for free from the link below. The only problem is that it comes with Ads. The only way the developer earns some money is through ads and there are no ways to remove it as long as it is 100% Free to use.

Update: MorphVox is now available for macOS also

MorphVox Voice Changer

6. SuperVoiceChanger

SuperVoiceChanger is a realtime voice changing software for Windows. It works with almost all Softwares that can run on Windows. It universally changes the Audio from the Mic input and then transfers that changed audio to these applications. It works well with Discord and apart from Discord it also works with most-used apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Online Video & Audio Calling, Gaming, etc.

supervoicechanger discord voice changer

You can change your male voice to one that of female and vice versa. You have a ton of voice options and even customize it accordingly. As it is only available for Windows and is 100% Free. Go download it starts using it now itself.


7. VoiceChanger.io

VoiceChanger.io is a website or web-based voice changer mod for Discord that you can use to change voice and add some custom sound effects as well. Not just with Discord, you can use it with a number of other apps and services as well.

voicechanger io

At first, you have two options – the first one is to upload an audio file and then change the voice of it and the second one is to give microphone access and then change the voice in realtime. There is also an option that will let you create a sound recording by typing in text. The web-based software will help you to process the text and convert it into speech using special effects.

Visit the website below to use online voice changer mod for Discord.


Final Words

These are some amazing applications and Discord plugins that you can use to change the real-time voice. Some of the software mentioned in this article edits and modifies the audio at the system level. For this type of software, you are manually required to select the custom audio channel/source and set it to that. Or else it won’t work, The sound captured from the mic should be first sent to the client, and only after that, it should be sent to other games or apps. If you are looking for some advanced software with the ability to custom edit settings and presets then you will be required to pay and purchase a premium plan according to your needs.

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