Does VSCO Notify Screenshots? No, But.. (2024)

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots

If you’re just getting started using the VSCO app, you will have many questions regarding privacy. One of the most asked questions about VSCO is if the app will notify when you take a screenshot.

As you all know, many leading social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat notifies whenever you take a screenshot of a conversation screen or a photo sent by a person.

But is the same the case with the VSCO? Let’s find out.

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?

No. VSCO does not notify when someone takes a screenshot. If you take a screenshot, the other person won’t be notified. Similarly, you can’t know if someone takes a screenshot of your profile either.

Since the app does not know if someone has taken a screenshot, you won’t be able to see any notification related to that in the notification section.

In short, the VSCO app does not notify others if you take a screenshot. In tIn the same way, you can’t know if someone take a screenshot of your profile or photos on the the VSCO app.

Can You See Who Screenshots Your Photo On VSCO?

Everyone wants to know who is stalking them and who visits their profile.

Things are simple if you are using Instagram or Snapchat. But that is not the case regarding the VSCO side of things.

Even though VSCO is a photo-sharing platform, it does not have a feature that will let you know if someone has taken a screenshot of your profile or photo.

On Instagram or Snapchat, the other person will be immediately notified if you screenshot their story or conversations.

To summarize, you cannot see who screenshot your photo on VSCO. You won’t even know if someone visited your profile.

Can I Use Third Party Apps To See Who Screenshots On VSCO?

You may find a lot of third-party apps claiming to show you who screenshots your profile. But all of them are 100% fake.

Do not download any app or visit any website claiming to let you see screenshots on VSCO. As of now, such a feature is unavailable on the app.

VSCO may add a feature to know who screenshotted your profile or photo in the future. Until then, there’s no way to know even if someone takes a screenshot.

Does VSCO Notify When You Screen Record?

VSCO does not notify when you screen record anyone’s profile or photo.

Taking a screenshot and taking a screen recording are pretty much the same. Since the app cannot know when a screenshot or screen recording is being done, there’s no way for the app to notify.

It doesn’t matter if it is the built-in screen recorder app on your phone or a third-party screen recording app like V Recorder.

Do VSCO Send Notification When A Screenshot Is Taken?

VSCO app does not send any notification when a screenshot is taken. Similarly, the app won’t send any notifications even if someones do a screen recording.

VSCO app sends a notification for various activities, like when someone likes your photo, comment, or follow.

Below is the list of actions when the VSCO app sends a notification.

VSCO App will send a notification when you

  • Like a photo
  • Comments on a photo
  • Follow someone

Now that you are sure that the VSCO app does not notify you of screenshots, you may take screenshots or screen recordings of any profile or photo on the platform.

Does VSCO Notify When You View A Profile?

Many are concerned whether the VSCO app will let other know if you visit their profile.

VSCO the app does not notify when you visit their profile. Similarly, you can’t see when another VSCO user visit your profile. Respecting the privacy of the visitors on the platform, VSCO has decided not to reveal such kind of information on the app.

You can rest assured that the other person won’t know you visited their profile on the VSCO.

The only way they can know you visited their profile is when liking their photos or interacting with them directly.

How To Screenshot on VSCO Editing App

Now that you know VSCO does not notify screenshots, you may be wondering how to take a screenshot of a photo or profile properly.

Follow the steps below to easily capture a screenshot of a VSCO profile or photo on the app.

Most Android phones have support for gesture controls. If you do a three-finger swipe, you can easily take a screenshot. All you need to do is, using your three fingers, swipe down from the top.

Similarly, you may take a screenshot by pressing the power and volume-up buttons.

On your iPhone, to take a screenshot on the VSCO app, you need to press and hold the power button and the volume button simultaneously.

Since the VSCO app does not know even if you take a screen recording, you can surely go ahead and do a screen recording without worrying the others will know.

You may use the built-in screen recording app or install a third-party app from the Play Store or App Store.

What’s Next?

VSCO is a new-age photo editing and sharing platform. The app has awesome filters and editing options to fine-tune your photo to the next level.

We all want to take screenshots at some point. Since VSCO is a photo-sharing platform, chances are high that you will come across some nice photos that you want to save on your phone or send to someone not on VSCO.

The simple way is to screenshot it.

Now that you know VSCO does not notify you of screenshots, you can go ahead and take a screenshot without worrying other will know.


Can you see who views your VSCO?

VSCO app does not let you know who viewed your profile. Almost all major social media platforms do not show users who visited their profiles, as it will breach privacy. Only LinkedIn shows if someone visits your LinkedIn profile.

Will they know if I view their VSCO profile or photo?

VSCO does not notify you if you visit anyone’s profile or view a photo. You can go ahead and visit any profiles or view any photos without worrying about them knowing about you.