Fix Issue (Set it up) in Minecraft

Are you facing issues with setup process? - Here is the proper guide to correctly configure it and fixes to solve issues as well.

Follow the methods given below to fix problems related to remoteconnect Microsoft or helps Minecraft players to connect with other players using different gaming consoles or devices. With the help of this service, you’ll be able to play Minecraft with other players having non-Microsoft gaming consoles like PS5, PC, smartphones, etc.

Minecraft works pretty well with non-Microsoft consoles like PS4, Nintendo Switch, and others. And for the same reason, you can connect with people using other devices as well. This is where comes into play.

Fix issue

At times, people face issues with, which is annoying. In this article, you will find fixes to solve issue easily and get things working quickly.

What is

For starters, let me explain what or Microsoft remoteconnect is.

Microsoft lets you play Minecraft even if you don’t have a Microsoft-owned gaming console. This makes it easy for anyone with the devices like PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc., to play with Xbox players. You have to go to and log in with your Microsoft account. Once done, you can start playing with the other person easily.

You may also take a look at Xbox and PS Console Emulators as well.

It even works with smartphone and PC users as well.

If you face a login error while trying to use or other problems, you are in the right place. Some easy fixes will help us to solve this problem quickly. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to solve the issue relating to aka Microsoft remote connect.

What Causes Error?

There are a variety of reasons why this error pops up. But here are some of the common ones:

  • Cross-Play – When you try to setup cross-play engine for the first time on a new console.
  • Changing Device – There are chances for the Microsoft remote connect error to appear if you do not set up it properly
  • Corrupted Game Files – If the game data or files are corrupted, there are chances for the Microsoft remoteconnect error.

How to Fix Error Easily?

Below are some easy ways to fix or Microsoft remoteconnect error on your device. It doesn’t matter what device you are using to play Minecraft, so let’s see some common error fixes.

Method 1: Setup with Minecraft Code

This is the easiest and straightforward way to solve the error. Just follow the step-by-step guide given below, and you will be all good to go.

  • Open Minecraft and head over to the page where the error message is displayed. On the error message pop-up box, you will find a code. All you have to do is note down that code somewhere.
  • Now open a web browser on another device and go to
  • You need to enter the code you copied from the game here and click on the Next button.
Enter the Microsoft Code
Enter the Microsoft Code
  • Now type your Microsoft account password and complete the authentication process.
  • Once authenticated, wait for a few seconds for it to connect.

Now we have successfully entered the Minecraft code in and set up our game. Once connected, you can start playing the game without any issue, and this error will no longer pop up.

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Method 2: Solve Cross-Play Error

Let’s see how to fix cross-play errors on your gaming consoles like Xbox or PS4/PS5.

PS4 and PS5 Console:

First of all, make sure that you have downloaded Minecraft from the PS4 store. You will have to download the paid version from the store to access the cross-play feature after installing the Minecraft edition for your PS4, head over to the login section and select Microsoft account.

Now you will be presented with a code that you need to enter on the page

What you have to do is visit this address on any other device like a smartphone or computer and enter the code you got from the game. After entering the code, complete the authentication process and wait for some seconds till it gets connected.

Xbox Console:

If you’re an Xbox gaming console user, then head over to the store and download Minecraft. Make sure to download the correct version for your device. Now open the game and try to log in using your Microsoft account.

Open the Xbox browser and visit the address given below. From there, you need to copy the remote play code or note it down somewhere.

On the other device, visit this address:, and you will find a field to enter the remote connect code. You need to enter the code and click on the Next button. Now complete the authentication process and wait for it to connect.

Once connected, the remote play feature will be activated, and you can start playing Minecraft on your device.

Method 3: Delete Minecraft Saved Data

If there are corrupted files in your Minecraft game saved data, there are chances for the connection error. In this case, the best thing you can do is to get rid of the corrupted files.

Since we are not 100 percent sure if this is why the error appears, it is recommended you take a backup of the saved files and store it somewhere safe. After deleting it, try connecting, and if it works, then the issue was with the game data, and it was corrupted.

If it did not fix the issue, then there’s no problem with the saved data, and you may copy the saved data back to the original location.

Method 4: Use a New Microsoft Account

If none of these methods worked for you, then you may try creating a new Microsoft account and use the same to log in. There are chances for it to work if the issue was with your Microsoft account or if your Microsoft account is already being used on some other devices.

After creating a new Microsoft account:

  • Head over to the address
  • Copy the remote connect code and try to authenticate.
  • See if it solves the issue.

Method 5: Use Alternate Link

If you cannot load or access this link (, you may try using the below-given link for code authentication.

Head over to this address and try to authenticate using the code, and hopefully, it should work this time. – FAQ

If you are new to Minecraft and, you might have some doubts or queries surrounding the same. Here are some frequently asked questions about and their answers.

Is safe?

Yes, is safe. This particular page is owned and managed by Microsoft. The page comes with an SSL certificate so all your data is encrypted.

What is the use of

You need to connect Minecraft game with this page. All you have to do is just copy the code from the game and enter the same in the authentication page. Once connected, you can start playing Minecraft easily.

Can Downloadable Conentes be transferred to new version of Minecraft? 

Yes, you can transfer Download Content (DLC) to new version of Minecraft. Solved

These are some of the methods that you can try to solve the error. Most people do not know how to use the code to connect to Minecraft and authenticate the game. Once you authenticate using the code, you can start playing the game without an issue. We have provided step-by-step tutorial for both the PS and Xbox consoles. It works the same way with other devices as well. Follow the same steps for both smartphone as well as PC.

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