How To See YouTube Dislikes Count With an Extension

Are you looking for a method to view the Dislike count of any YouTube Video? Here's a quick workaround to see YouTube Dislike count.

As you might know, YouTube has officially hidden the dislike count of every video from the public. This means that only the content uploader will be able to see the dislike count. As a viewer, you can only see the Like counts and not dislike counts.

Are you curious to know how many dislikes does a video on YouTube have? Well, you are in the right place. Today, in this article, I will share a method by which you can see the dislike count on YouTube again.

See YouTube Dislike Count

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How To See Dislikes on YouTube Again?

The whole process is as easy as installing and activating a browser extension. Once installed, the extension will show the dislike count under every video.

So, let’s start.

As mentioned earlier, we will be using a web browser extension to get the job done. The extension is available for both Chromium-based web browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, etc and Firefox.

The very first thing that you want to do is download and install the Return YouTube Dislike extension.

Click on the link below to go to the extension store and click on Add to Chrome button. (I am using Google Chrome for this tutorial. The same will work with Firefox as well.)

The extension has more than 400,000 installations at the time of writing this article.

add return youtube dislike extension
Add to Chrome

Now a popup will appear asking if you want to add the extension to the browser. Just click on the Add extension button and wait for a few seconds.

confirm adding the extension
Return YouTube Dislike

Once added, a popup will appear with confirmation.

Now the extension is active on the browser.

Head over to YouTube and play any video of your choice. Underneath the video, next to the like count, the extension will display the dislike counts. The extension will show details like the Like count, Dislike count and the ratio between them just like YouTube did in the past.

View YouTube Dislike Count
View YouTube Dislike Count

This is how easy it is to view the dislike count of any video on YouTube. If you are someone who wants to know the dislike count of a particular video on YouTube then this article will definitely help you with that.

To access the Return YouTube Dislike extension and settings, click on the puzzle icon from the extensions panel, next to the address bar. Click on the extension icon and access the same. If you want, you can also pin the same to the extensions panel as well.

Do keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution as YouTube will remove data related to dislike count from the API in the future. Once it’s removed, the extension won’t be able to show us the data again.

Why YouTube Hidden Dislike Counts?

To reduce the dislike attacking behaviour of viewers, YouTube decided to completely remove all stats related to Dislike. The dislike button will still be available under the video but it won’t show the total count of dislikes. The dislike count will be hidden from the public but it will be accessible and visible to the content creator itself.

What is Return YouTube Dislike?

Return YouTube Dislike is a web browser extension available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Opera. This extension will allow anyone to see the dislike count on a YouTube video. The extension pulls the dislike count data from the YouTube API. It is just a temporary workaround to see the dislike account as YouTube is officially removing the data from the API.

Once the dislike count data is removed from the YouTube API, the extension can no longer show the data related to dislike count. For the time being, it will work without any issue. But in the future, we will have to find some other workarounds.

View YouTube Dislike

This is the easiest method to view YouTube dislike account. This is just a temporary solution to view dislikes on any YouTube video. Once YouTube removes the data from the API, the extension will no longer be able to give us data like this.