What is Squabble and How to Play?

Wondering what is Squabble game? - Squabble is similar to Wordle but it allows up to 99 players. Here's how to play Squabble.

Squabble is a word game that, like Wordle, requires you to predict a five-letter word in six or fewer tries.


Wondering what is Wordle?

Wordle is a popular daily word game that is played by a lot of people worldwide. It’s a free word game that you can play right on your browser without having to download anything. It is simple and fun to play, which makes the game more addicting.

During the pandemic, Wordle has become a sensation, with an increasing number of individuals visiting the site on a regular basis to play the entertaining word game. Every day, Wordle will give you a one-word puzzle

How to Play Squabble?

Because Squabble is currently in beta, the website may be a little buggy. However, to get to it, use a computer browser and go to squabble.me. If you are a mobile phone user who wants to play this game, then you are unlucky. This game isn’t available for mobile phone users yet.

Go to Squabble.me
  • Once you click on Blitz, you will be given with 3 options as shown below:
Click Blitz
  • You can create your own server, or you can join to your friend’s or random’s server, by clicking the respective option.
  • SQUABBLE ROYALE can be played for a longer game and for more of a tournament-style experience.
Squabble Royale
  • The squabble royale also has 3 options like blitz, as you can see below:

Players that run out of HP are removed from the game, resulting in a list of ranked winners.

What is Squabble?

In Wordle, you will have six chances to guess the 5 letter word. This is what makes the game more interesting. To help you out, you will be given coloured hints.

If you have guessed the right word and it is in the right place, then it is highlighted with green colour. If you have guessed the right word, but it is in the wrong place, the word is highlighted in yellow. If the word you have guessed is completely wrong, it will be greyed out.

Many games have been developed based on this concept. Squabble is one of them.

But Wordle has one major problem. It won’t allow you to play with your friends. This is where Squabble cashed. It allows you to play with almost 99 other people at the same time. Unlike Wordle, it will also allow you to play as many games as you want in a day.

Yes, you heard that right!

Squabble is a multiplayer Wordle game that fixes the shortcomings of Wordle.

Wordle has the option to share the result with your friends, but why do you need to share the results when you can directly play with your friends and have fun.

The goal of the game is similar to Wordle. You have to guess the 5 letter word of the day.

To make the game more interesting, players are given HP. As your friends solve the puzzle faster than you, your HP reduces. And the player to lose all the HP will be eliminated. The last man standing will be the winner.

Wordle only allows you to play the game only once every day. But with Squabble, you can play the game as many times as you want. This is what makes the game fun.

If a tile goes grey, that letter isn’t present in the word. When a tile turns green, it indicates that the letter is right and in the proper location. If a tile turns yellow, it indicates that the letter is present in the word but not at the right location.

In such games where you are competing against 99 other players, you have very little time to waste. Every second you waste will lead to your elimination.

Despite the fact that Squabble is unrelated to Wordle, the rules are very similar. It’s also a lot of fun.

We hope that this article made it simple for you to play squabble.

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