How to Get Discord HypeSquad Badge [What is it? & Perks]

Learn everything about Discord HypeSquad, Tiers, Houses, and Perks. Finally, also see how to join HypeSquad as well.

HypeSquad members are a special category of members, where they get exclusive perks and mentions on Discord. You might have seen the Discord HyoeSquad badge next to the username of certain people on Discord. Once you are a part of Discord HypeSquad, you will too, get a badge next to your username to show the world you are a part of the HypeSquad.

There’s a lot to Discord HypeSquad. There are certain perks on joining HypeSquad as well. In this article, you will find what is Discord HypeSquad, what it has to offer, the perks, and finally how to join Discord HypeSquad.

HypeSquad members are Discord’s representatives and not everyone can become a part of it. Well, if you are interested in Discord HypeSquad and want to be a part of the same then continue reading to find more.

Discord HypeSquad

What is Discord HypeSquad?

In short, Discord HypeSquad is a group of people who represents Discord and promote it to the world. Basically, there are two tiers and three houses in Discord HypeSquad. The two tiers are the Online Tier and Event Tier. Both the tiers come with different sets of perks.

But the core thing is to promote Discord and let a lot of people into the awesome communication platform. Once you are part of the HypeSquad, you will be granted a badge next to your Discord username. Depending on the tier you are in, there are two badges. One for Online Tier and the other one for Event Tier.

Now that you have some basic idea about Discord HypeSquad, let’s take a look at the two tiers and three houses HypeSquad has to offer.

Discord HypeSquad Tiers

As mentioned earlier, there are two different tiers in Discord HypeSquad and yes, there are some core differences between them.

The two tiers are the Online Tier and Event Tier. To some extent, the name itself is self-explanatory.

Online Tier

At first, let’s see what is Discord HypeSquad Online Tier. You use social media likes Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc to spread the word about Discord among the community. In short, you do online activities and events to make let people know about Discord. Being in the Online Tier also gives you some perks as well. Here is everything that you get being a part of the Online Tier.

  • The HypeSquad badge next to your username
  • HypeSquad newsletter
  • House-exclusive challenges

Event Tier

When it comes to Event Tier, it is categorized into two. The first one is HypeSquad Event Attendee and HypeSquad Event Coordinator. There is some key difference among them as well. Event Tier mainly focuses on offline events and conventions.

HypeSquad Event Attendee

Once you are part of the Discord HypeSquad Event Attendee tier, you can participate in offline events and conventions. Furthermore, you will also get some tier-specific perks as well.

  • The HypeSquad badge next to your username (Events Badge)
  • HypeSquad newsletter
  • House-exclusive challenges
  • Swag pack which indlues T-shirt, pins and stickers
  • Access to HypeSquad Event Server
HypeSquad Event Coordinator

The Coordinator tier is the topmost tier in Discord HypeSquad. It has more privileges than an Event Attendee tier. In this tier, you will be given the right to host and conduct offline events and conventions and represents the Discord community.

  • The HypeSquad badge next to your username (Events Badge)
  • HypeSquad newsletter
  • House-exclusive challenges
  • Access to HypeSquad Event Server
  • VIP perks for events and conventions
  • Event packages

So, these are all the different tiers in Discord HypeSquad.

Discord HypeSquad Houses

Apart from tiers, Discord HypeSquad is also divided into three houses. They are:

  • House of Bravery
  • House of Brilliance
  • House of Balance

The main thing here is that you do not get to choose the house yourself. You will be added to a house based on the five questions you answer.

Just head over to Settings and click on the HypeSquad option. Here, you will be asked 5 questions. Answer those questions and you will be added to a random house based on your inputs.

Discord has given a quote or tagline for all three different houses. It has the meaning of what the house is for.

Bravery“The universe needs people to lead the charge with confident optimism and tenacity. Without the brave, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.”

Brilliance“It takes patience and discipline to become a vital member of the universe. Without brilliance, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.”

Balance“Harmony and poise are necessary to create equilibrium in the universe. Without balance, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.”

Now that you have a basic idea regarding Discord HypeSquad, its tiers, and houses, let’s see how to join the same.

How to Join Discord HypeSquad?

Follow the step-by-step guide given below to join Discord HypeSquad.

Step 1: Open Discord and click on the Settings button next to your profile picture.

Step 2: From the Settings section, click on HypeSquad on the left side of the screen.

Discord HypeSquad Settings

Step 3: Click on the Take a Test button and a popup will appear with 5 different questions along with four options. All you have to do is select an option for all 5 questions and complete the test.

Discord HypeSquad Test
Discord HypeSquad Test

Step 4: After completing the test, you will be added to a house based on your answers.

Added to House of Brilliance
Added to House of Brilliance

If you are not happy with the house that you are in right now, then just click on the Take a test again button to answer the five questions again. This way, you can easily change the house.

Change HypeSquad House

This is how we join the Discord HypeSquad. Discord HypeSquad works with both Canary as well as BetterDiscord, too.

If you are using the Discord mobile app then you won’t find the option to get into HypeSquad. Follow the steps given below to join Discord HypeSquad from your smartphone:

  • Open a Google Chrome web browser
  • Go to and tap on the ‘Use Discord on Browser‘ option to use the web version
  • Tap on the three dots icon from the top right corner and tick on Desktop Site option
  • Head over to Settings > HypeSquad and complete the 5 questions

This is how we join HypeSquad on Discord’s mobile app

Watch a short video on Discord’s HypeSquad History:

Requirements to join Discord HypeSquad

In order to join the HypeSquad community on Discord, you should be at least 13 years old.

And to join event tiers, you should be at least 16 years old and should be doing some sort of gaming-related events, tournaments, etc.

Join Discord HypeSquad to Get Exclusive Badges

This is everything you need to know about Discord HypeSquad. If you are ready, go fill the five questions and be a part of Discord HypeSquad. After you are allocated to a house, you will find a new badge next to your username representing the tier and house you are part of.

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