Is Teleparty (Netflix Party) Safe? – Everything You Should Know

is netflixparty safe teleparty

The name of the Netflix Party extension has been changed to ‘Teleparty’. So, we will see if Teleparty Extension is safe or not.

Are you about to use Teleparty (Netflix Party) to watch Netflix shows with your friends and wondering if it is safe to use the extension?

Many people have the same question – Is Teleparty safe to use? Does It leak your information? and so on.

I have done in-depth research to find if Teleparty is safe by analyzing the data that they collect, going through their privacy policy page, and also seeing if they share your personal data with third parties.

If you are skeptical about using Teleparty to watch Netflix shows with your friends, then this is the article that you are looking for.

So, let’s dig in and see if Teleparty is safe to use.

Is Teleparty Safe to Use?

Yes, Teleparty (Netflix Party) is completely safe to use for people of all ages. Teleparty uses end-to-end encryption to stream content with your friends and can be only accessed using a unique link generated by the extension. Teleparty does not collect nor share any data with third parties either.

For those who are unaware of the popular chrome extension, it is a free Google Chrome extension that could be installed on your computer to chat and watch content on Netflix and other popular streaming services together with your friends.

A lot of people are having concerns regarding the Teleparty (Netflix Party) extension like whether is it legit or will the Teleparty extension steal our Netflix login credentials. Today let’s discuss some of the key points you should remember if you use the Teleparty extension and also see if Teleparty is safe or not.

Does Teleparty Collect Personal Data

If you have the same question, you are one among the Teleparty extension user who is concerned about their online privacy.

After going through the privacy policy page of Teleparty, we can see that the company does not collect your data or share it with anyone.

On the website, it says Teleparty logs your IP address whenever you use their service. Other than the IP address, they do not collect anything else.

Teleparty uses Google Analytics to analyze and measure the traffic the website receives. Google Analytics may log various information including, location, browser, device, screen resolution, etc among others. You can opt-out of this by registering here.

Below you will find some information you should definitely keep in mind if you are about to try the Teleparty extension for the first time or already using it on your computer to share and watch Netflix shows with your friends or known ones.

Does Teleparty Save Your Chats?

Teleparty Chat Section

Teleparty does not store or save any of your messages or chats in any manner. It’s clearly mentioned that they do not log any messages sent or received during the watch party.

People are concerned if Teleparty can see the messages sent by the people inside a watch party. As per Teleparty’s privacy policy, no messages or chats will be saved.

Why use Teleparty (Netflix Party)?

Netflix comes with the option to add multiple users on their higher plans.

For example, if you opt to go with the top-end plan of Netflix, you can add as many as up to 4 members to a single account. But the problem is that Netflix does not officially have any feature where it lets these users chat while watching any content. This is where Teleparty comes into play. This is freely available on the Google Chrome web store and anyone could install it easily.

It’s not official

First and foremost, the Teleparty extension is not owned or promoted by Netflix by any means. This extension is developed by third-party developers meaning that the official company has no control over it. You should install the extension at your own risk.

Netflix is in no way affiliated with the makers of Teleparty.

Data collected by Teleparty

Since you use the Teleparty extension on your device, there are certain data that they collect to keep the service up and running. Here is the list of data collected by the (Teleparty) Netflix Party chrome extension

  • IP Address
  • Location

Third-party services like Google Analytics are used by Teleparty to learn more about their visitors. Google Analytics tracks your location data, IP address, device data, etc.

Other data collected depends on the third-party service providers used by Teleparty. To know more about their policy, make sure to visit their privacy policy page.

Netflix Party website’s privacy policy clearly states that they access your location data to personalize ads shown to you. This means that your device location, etc will be logged by Netflix Party’s server for that matter.

Location Access

netflix party extension

Do Not Track Policy

Do not track policy used by some web browsers helps protect user privacy by not allowing to share some personal data or enabling trackers. As of now, it is not mandatory for websites to have this enabled. At the time of writing this article, Teleparty does not support Do Not Track, meaning that trackers might be used. Be cautious about this.

Data Processing

Teleparty’s server is located in the US and all data will be sent and processed from their servers only. Since the server is located in the United States, all your data will be first sent to their server in the US, and processing is also done there.

If you are from a European nation or another country that has a strict policy regarding these kinds of activities, you agree to the terms and conditions of Teleparty to send your data to the US.

If you need any more information on how Teleparty uses your data, you may reach out to the email address below.

Contact Teleparty: [email protected]

Things to note while using Teleparty (Netflix Party)

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you use Teleparty browser extension on your primary computer.

  • Make sure not to share the invite link with anyone that you don’t know. With the invite link, anyone could join your party. So make sure to share it with your friends only.
  • As per the privacy policy of the Teleparty, the service is designed for people in the 13+ age group category.
  • It will be more secure if you create a separate user account in Google Chrome for the Teleparty extension. This will make sure that the extension does not leak any sensitive information from your primary browser account.

These are some important things you should know about the extension before even using the same. By now, you might have got a clear idea regarding the Netflix party extension and whether or not Teleparty Extension is safe?

Wrapping Up

Since the Teleparty extension is not created nor endorsed by Netflix itself, use it only at your own risk. If anything goes wrong, the sole responsibility remains on you only.

There has been some sort of ad redirection issue about the extension in the past and nothing else has been reported yet. If anything goes wrong, we will make sure to update the updated info right in this article itself.

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