Zoom Limit – Max Participants, Meeting Duration, And Others

Zoom might be one of the best video conferencing apps out there but it does have a few limits. You can know about all zoom limits here.

Zoom doesn’t need any introduction, as with the arrival of the pandemic, most of us had to start working from home. However, the work-from-home schedule seemed harsh at first but was made easy by Zoom. This app allowed people to meet face-to-face and carry on with their work. People didn’t hesitate to it as it was free and came with many features such as muting everyone, raising hands, ending the meeting for everyone, etc.

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But despite all that, Zoom had some limitations such as max participants, time limit of meetings, etc. So, here we will provide you with all the information regarding Zoom Limit – Max Participants, Meeting Duration, and Others.

Zoom Limit – Max Participants, Meeting Duration

Zoom is a video calling app that lets you talk to your colleagues, friends, and family. The video calling feature also allows you to share your screen, record sessions, etc.

Zoom has a free plan and paid plans as well. The Free plan comes with some limitations, such as participant limit, time limit, etc. Though these don’t pose any significant issue, sometimes the zoom time limit is quite frustrating.

The app has a total of four plans, and those are

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

The Zoom Basic plan is available for free, and for the other plans, you need to pay. The features and limitations for all the other plans are different as well. You can refer to the image below to know more about the features of each plan.

how to use zoom

Zoom Limit For Meetings

For the free plan, i.e., the Basic plan, a zoom limit for meetings is set to 40 minutes, and for the paid plans, the meeting limit is 30 hours. Once the 40 minutes are up in the free plan, all the meeting participants will be kicked out automatically.

There are two ways for free users to extend the cap on their meeting limit, and those are

  • Upgrading to a paid plan. If you are a small business, then that would be a significant step forward.
  • There is no official method for free users, but there is a workaround method, which is leaving the meeting as a host and starting a New Meeting. After that, you can reshare the joining link to the participants and the Zoom 40-minute limit restart again. According to Zoom, the cap is on the time limit of a meeting, not on the number of meetings.
zoom time limit for meetings

By following the last method, you can get the zoom 40-minute limit removed. You can read our Bypass 40 Minutes On Zoom for a detailed guide.

Zoom Participants Limit

Similar to the zoom limit for meetings, for the free plan users, there is a cap on the number of participants in a meeting as well, and that is 100. But if you are a paid user, the number varies from plan to plan, such as

  • Basic – 100 Participants
  • Pro – 100 Participants
  • Business – 300 Participants
  • Enterprise – 500 Participants

There are optional add-on plans that will allow you to add more participants despite being in a different plan. For example, if you are using the Business but need to take in more participants, you can get the Large Meetings add-on and add up to 500 – 1000 more participants on top of what you are getting with the plan. But of course, you need to pay extra.

participant limit for zoom meeting

Zoom Limits For Cloud Recording

Zoom lets you record your meetings, which is available for even the basic plan. The recordings done with the basic plan can be stored locally. However, the paid plans allow you to store your recordings on the cloud, but there are limitations. The Pro Plan and the Business Plan provide you with cloud storage of 1 GB each, and the Enterprise plan offers you unlimited cloud storage.

You need to take permission; though it might not be ethical, you can still record Zoom meetings. You can read our record zoom meeting without the permission guide.

Zoom Events & Webinars Limit

Similar to the Zoom limit on meetings, they also have limits on events & webinars. The number of people that can attend a webinar varies from 100 to 10,000, and the price varies accordingly. There is no free plan when it comes to Zoom events and Webinars as everything thing is paid for here.

If you go beyond 10,000 attendees, then you can talk to the Zoom sales team and get an extra limit for additional payment.

zoom meeting and webinar participant limit


So, this was all about the Zoom limits on their various features. If you want to know more about the multiple features and the plans and pricing, you can visit the official website of Zoom. Though Zoom has quite many features, there are similar or better video conferencing apps like zoom, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Hopefully, the information provided here has been of help to you.